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Does long-haul travelling ruin romance?

Travel Forums General Talk Does long-haul travelling ruin romance?

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11. Posted by kalimero (Budding Member 50 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

sorry oslaue thats what i meant, in my age bracket ..because at that age most people start settling down, nothing wrong with that either. i met lots of guys that were mid 20's travelling but only a handful in their 30's and there is also the factor of attraction too, i mean i not going to go out with a guy only because he's 30 !

In all my friend i only know 3 of them that are travellers .... i guess people have it good in Canada so they don't travel as much as in Europe or Australia .. i think the younger generation is travelling more and more which i find is a good thing.

I guess, im never in one place long enough to meet anyone .. im all over the place so it make it difficult to meet someone ...or maybe if i would meet that special person i would stay longer but i only had the desire to do so with the aussie guy but i had to start uni .. bad timing .. just not meant to be ...

im not into the house, car, dog either although most of my friend are and they are quite happy ...everyone has their own way of living ... i prefer to travel even when i say im going to settle down for a bit i go travelling ! i just can't stay put .. there is so many places to see in this world ...

but im getting tired of the backpacking scene
A) did it for 6 yrs
B) the people im meeting are getting younger & younger or maybe im getting older ?
C)partying & getting drunk is getting old news ....

so ive decided to travel differently this summer im thinking of volunteering in Brazil for 3 months and travel for 1 month ...

sorry gerrit to hear that she had a bf .. but you're right it is possible to find your mate and travel together ... i've met couple that are backpacking together ...also met a couple that were on their honeymoon (they had decided to backpack for 6 months) i think its amazing .... you just need to find that special one !

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