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You guys are probably sick of the same sort of subject! Here goes...left Ireland last yr for OZ but had to return home after a month for certain in an ok job in marketing now but feeling of regret is beginning to get to me...only 22 but feel like i have missed the chance of a lifetime..i cant apply for another OZ working visa as i already had it but never actually worked! I hope to save and leave some time late next yr with 5k to travel OZ and parts of asia all on my lonesome(dont mind that). I know im only 22 but the whole saving for house/getting a "good" job is whats playing on my mind....please somebody knock some sense into me and tell me to follow my heart and TRAVEL!!

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Hi there,
I doesn't take much for me to say you should travel. That's why I'm a member of this site.
I didn't travel independently until I was 29 but it changed the course of my life. Within five years, I did Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, and took partner & 2 kids around the world for a year, returning to the UK and moving to the Lake District, where we both set up our own businesses.
My only caveat would be that travelling around somewhere is not the same as living somewhere. To live, you will have to work, wherever you are, so take a look at what you might end up doing when the money runs out and you have to stop awhile.
I would love to live on New Zealand's South Island, but unless you're a farmer or in tourism, there isn't a lot to do out there.
Australia is close to perfect though. Living in or near a city should bring enough career opportunities, and a beach will never be far away!

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Hi there, coming from Ireland I know what you mean by everyone is talking about taking advantage of the celtic tiger, building a house in the suburbs etc. Had I listend to all that I would never have gone travelling and had the best year of my life. I went on my own and travelled asia & australia. My advice is go travelling. Who knows when you'll get the chance again and at 22 there's plenty of time to get stuck into the rat race!

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Am just gonna second wot Tara said. Travel NOW before you have more commitments. With any luck by the time you come home houses prices might have come down a bit lol

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I'm a big believer in not giving in to social dictation. Do what you want, not what society tell you is "right" If you want to spend the rest of your life tied to a mortgage, doing the same thing with the same people forever, then do it save for your mortage, dig you rutt and get in it.

If you have any spice for life and sense of adventure you will realise you have the rest of you life to sit still and see nothing. Go now while you can, you don't know what is waiting for you around the corner so enjoy every opportunity that comes along while you can.


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I think you should definitely travel, I had such an opportunity at 22 which I passed up and ended up wasting that summer doing nothing very exciting. I'm almost 26 now and I have a second chance, I'll be finishing school soon and have a chance to take some time off and will be travelling to Oz and Asia. I even turned down a job offer, I figure if I don't travel now it will never happen, maybe when I retire. There will be other job offers.

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Thanks guys, i needed that! Its the whole thinking of it than actually doing it which gets me! Although i was only away a few weeks the first time i learned so much and met so many nice people so it can only get better 2nd time round!