Any recent travels to Colombia???

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I really want to go to Colombia and one day I will feel very positive about it, then the very next day I will be scared and rethinking the entire thing.

Has anyone been there recently? I was thinking I would probably fly from city to city. Probably Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin, and Cali.

Any advise.

p.s. what does an internal flight cost approximately?

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Hi Laura.

Did it around this time last year and I had the time of my life! So much so that I'm going again in 7 weeks and I can't wait!

Flying between the cities is best. These are the safest places in Colombia. Bus travel between cities can be hit or miss - what I was told by the locals, and can change from day to day so don't risk it.

Most crime in Colombia is against the locals rather than the tourist. However, of course, being a foreigner in a foreign country things can happen (like anywhere else really) so you will need to be careful as a traveller wherever you go. I can't speak from the female perspective though, as I am a male.

If you're feeling a little uneasy about it, I can understand. I felt that way when I first entered Colombia, but on that first day, after looking around I realised that everything was going to be ok.

If you're unsure, my suggestion is to stick to the more touristy places (along the coast). Cartagena and Santa Marta are good places to start. Also I'd recommend seeing Manizales. The coastal highway in the North is safe compared to other roads in the country and Cartagena-Santa Marta can be done by bus or taxi.

Don't know how good your spanish is, but for flights within Colombia you could try or better still may be which has a site map which you can change to Colombia for internal flights within Colombia and has both an English and Spanish option.

Hope it helps. My advice is do it. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Most people I know who have done it had a wonderful time and like me they end up going back.

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Best places in colombia are if you ask me in the countryside. Places like Parque national tyrona, salento, san augustin, san cipriano ...
If your going to fly and only visit the big cities your going to miss out on some of the best parts of the country.

The most scared I get when I travel by bus in colombia is the driver making an accident rather than the bus being robbed by anyone since they drive like maniacs.

cost about 100 dollars to fly with avianca between cali and bogota. about the same for medellin to bogota or medellin to Cali i think.

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Parque Tayronna is well worth a visit and is located not too far from Santa Marta.

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Traveling in Colombia long distances like Bogota to Santa Marta, Cali, or Medillin, it is best to fly. My experiance with Avianca was first rate service very professional staff. If going less distance very good service via bus service but be sure to travel in the day time not at night for your safety. Airline tickets cost much less than shown on the internet when purchased in country.

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I went in Colombia this year, on vacations! I think the best airline in Colombia is AVIANCA... is really really good. I traveled in first class and it was great, the food, everything!

About the cities.. i love Cartagena, the beachs and everything are gorgeous! The very best of Cartagena is the Walled City, the old houses of cartagena. Bogotá it's also a great city, the temperature is pretty nice! You'll can go to the MONSERRATE MOUNTAINand you'll be great with the awesome wiev of Bogotá from there... You should go to the PINK ZONE... there are the greatest stores from Bogotá! Then, If you like the museums, you can visit the GOLDEN MUSEUM!!!

If i remember another places i'll tell you... Take care!