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1. Posted by rinie (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

am trying to go visit my country (Malaysia) for the upcoming festival/holiday, but by the time i leave Los Angeles, my passport will expire in about 5 months and a half! It's going to take 3 months to renew, and i dont have much time left. I really need to go visit my family. I am leaving this Oct 21 and will be coming back in Los Angeles on Oct 27 - a week only. I spoke to the Malaysian Airlines about this matter and the Customer Service said that to enter my country it shouldn;t be any problem but to leave the country and to enter USA i need a valid passport of 6 months and over. But, the Malaysian Consulate and Immigration officer in Los Angeles here said it's shouldn't matter and i can enter because i have a green card and am a legal residence. I've also been trying to contact immigration in Malaysia but to no avail!
Now i am confused. Who should i listen to? Does anyone ever experience this? Please if anyone could help me out i really appreciate it.

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Doesn't matter where you are in the world even with legal documents your passport must be valid for a certain period.

You are not going to have any problems entering malaysia with a malaysian passport, even if it's only valid for 5 month.

You might also will be ok with the US Immigration due to your green card.

Who could give you a hard time would be the Airport check inn for your flight back, as they don't know this rules and follow the protocol. As they will be afraid that you can't enter the USA they might don't want to take you.

A little advice would be, apply for a new passport at the Malaysian Konsulat in L.A. and ask them for a document stating that a new passport is beeing in process.
With this passport and the document stating that a new passport is beeing in process wou should be fine .

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I don't know where you get the info about taking 3 months to renew a passport. As far as I know, passport application/renewal takes only 3 days, and this has been for years already. Before that it was just a week. If 3 days sounds good to you, wait till you hear this - just recently, the immigration department announced their 24-hour passport renewal service! No worries! ;)

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Yes, but will the OP get a new green card into his shiny new passport until Oct 21st? (I'm assuming the greencard is a sticker in the Malaysian passport.) The Malaysians will stamp his old passport as invalid when they issue the new one. What happens then to the green card? Is it valid without the passport to go with it?

With a green card you can always enter the US, so as long as your Green card is valid, you should have no problem geting back to the USA. Check with the US immigration/foreigners service though. Maybe get a letter from them that you are allowed to enter the US even though your passport will expire soon.

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From what I've read previously, all one has to do is to carry the old passport together with the new one. It doesn't matter if the old one has expired as long as the visa, greencard, or whatever pass is still valid.

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God, i was dumb! Haha! Thank you so much guys for helping. I spoke to immigration officer in Malaysia International Airport, they said it should not be a problem even though my passport will expire a month later because i have a green card (a card that is not attached on my passport). And i also spoke to Officer in LAX, they said the same thing, no problem at all. The reason why i cant do my passport because the consulate here will send my passport (old one) to Malaysia and it will take 3 months to get it back. And the reason why i cannot do in Malaysia because the passport dept. will be closed due to holidays. Basically i have no choice but to go back with my current passport. And since both country's immigration officers said O.K means i should not be worried much.
Anyway thank you so much for your input guys!:) I really appreciate it.