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1. Posted by MarchMay (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I am a 20 year old female college student planning on taking next semmester off to go to South America. My girl friend (19) will be joining me on the journey. We would like to leave in early Jan and spend about three months backpacking around going to various places such as Rio for Carnival, the Amazon, and Machu Picchu. We are both young and want to adventure but be safe as well. We are open to any ideas and help at this point, neither of us have done very much travel outside the US, unfortunetly, and we need to expand our horizons!

We want to do it all but being rookies as we are, we don't have too much to go off. Every one we have told our plans of travel to have been so discouraging to us and no one belives we can pull it off and come back alive. We are disappointed that so many people we have turned to for advise have been so pesimistic because we are young girls! Any advice for us would be so greatly appriciated, I have heard such amazing things about this area of the world and I need to feel the beat of S America that I have heard so much about.

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I'll be in Brazil during that time - and it'll be my first real bit of independent travelling too! If you have any q's to ask about Brazil, or just wanna share your excitement about travelling to SA, feel free to send me a message and I'll get excited with u guys and do my best to answer your q's!

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Hi. Brazil and SA in general can be dangerous for man and woman, old or new. But there are somethings you can do to be safer. Choose well the places you go, mainly at night. Everywhere you go, get a taxi cab phone number and call him whenever you need it. This way you avoid exposing yourself to unknow cab drivers and also waiting for one on the street late at night. Don't go walking alone on dark streets, do not carry lots of money with you and don't react if anything happens. This goes for everywhere in SA. (The taxi part is really important in Peru)

Now, in Rio. My first tip is stay in Ipanema instead of Copacabana or Santa Tereza. It's safer. I had posted two hostels in Ipanema before. If you don't find it, just tell me and I'll look it for you.

A very good friend of mine's uncle drives a special cab. It's a little more expensive than regular cab, but I know him and you can make a special price like a package for some days. I could give you his number. Other than that, you can ask your hostel the phone of a radiotaxi.

Are you going to be in Rio exaclty at Carnival? If yes, you shoud go to Apoteose not to watch the parade, but to go for some school. Smaller schools are better, because there're less people and you can spend more time in the avenue. Also their fantasies are cheaper. I can help you chosse one school if you want. Rio is great during carnival because lots of people travel and the city is not so crowded as one might expect. There are lots of parties in the street called Blocos, usually at daylight, and it's fun and safe to go after them.

Take care of yourself and you'll have a nice trip.

Anything you need, just ask.