need companion for working in Oz!!

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hi, i want to go to Oz and work for however long (prob a year maybe less but visa is for a year) and then go on to south east asia, thailand and india. (and maybe new zeland at some point) i would really like to have some company. my friend wants to go but not until feb 07 id rather go sooner even though i have very little money and im very unorganised, but hey, thats me!! anyone interested, not bothered what sex or how many people as long as fun and speaks good english! (if you didnt want to you wouldnt have to stay on, its just someone to go out with and set up with, but i would prefer someone who wants to work out there for a bit.)

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get yourt ticket booked for oct 26th from london, pack the sack the night before and you can join me!!! hahah no seriously

Im off to Oz on WHV on oct 26th stopping in thailand, malayasia and singap for a few weeks before hitting melb. You dont have to hang around on your mate - my wee bro is looking to come with me but i told him i werent waiting on him to finish building his house so im off - think he's joinin me next yr some time - well at least i get to do it alone for a while - roll on 26th Yippeee., im away (getting the lumps in the stomach - old nervy kickin me again). Bring on the skydives !

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you might want to consider going to asia first as it's quite expensive in Oz (they tax you alot) and you may have problems earning enough money to live and save for later travels. You can get by on as little as £500-£600 while in asia (your last pay packet before you go should give you plenty of money there).

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hello there
I´m going to Melbourne 29dec..I´m not quite sure for how long, maybe until september 2007..My plan is to get a job in Melbourne for a few months then travel to sydney, visiting some of my finnish friends..and on my way back home i would like to stay a week or two in thailand..
My auntie lives in Melbourne, so I´ve got a bed and food for free!!

It would be nice to have someone to go out with, so hope to hear from you!


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hi i am going out on my own end of now and would love a friend to go with book it up mate and go have fun

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I leave on the 19th Oct, going straight to syndey, i got 1yr WHV, but not really planned anything except 1st week of accomodation..

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hey im in malaysia at the moment arrive in syd on 24th oct and will be working. PM me if u fancy a chat on email. would say id watchi this thread but at such a slow rate i dont think i can be bothered.

cheers, paul