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I'm off backpacking in a couple of weeks and a bit concerned about what to take. Some people have said that all the hostels in new zealand and fiji will have their own bedlinen therefore there isn't any need for a sleeping bag however the kiwi/feejee experience web sites say that you should take a sleeping bag.

I would be grateful of any advice people have about packing and/or travelling new zealand and fiji in general.


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Not all the hostels do. All YHA hostels do, and most other of the modern ones as well, but default accommodation for kiwi experience might not always be the most modern, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the few overnight destinations that are exclusive to the kiwi experience have no linen at all.
So, if you're travelling with them, I'd be following their directions. Otherwise you should be fine without (assuming you don't want to go do any overnight tramps or take impromptu camping trips with locals; both things I ended up doing and which made me really glad I'd continued to carry along my sleeping bag). :)

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check out www.jagbags.co.nz/products.htm (move your cursor over the picture on the right side) I've ordered one today, will let you know if its any good