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1. Posted by lauritaGer (Inactive 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I´m planning a RTW Trip in 2007. I do this for the first time, so I´ve got some questions. Maybe someone can help me.

I am planning South Africa, Australia, México, Thailand, India and China (Tibet).
At first, where did you book your RTW tickets? I thought about going to the travel agency and let them look for opportunities. Would it be better/cheaper to do it on my own?

What about the visa? I wanted to work in the country I stay in. Do I need a working visa for that? Just wanted to do some service jobs or whatever.

I thought about cutting it down to 4 stops instead of 6.
So my flights would be South America(México City), Australia( Melbourne), South Africa (Cape Town) and Asia (Bangkok or whatever)
Is it worthy to cut it down and plan the trips in the country or is it better/cheaper to plan it before?
Asia is cheap so I thought maybe I get a cheaper flight e.g. from India to Thailand when I´m in the country, away from my RTW Ticket flights that I already booked.

And the last and most decicive question, how much money do I really need? I thought by working in the countries, I could also finance myself aside from the money I already have.

I would be very glad to get some advice.


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Hey Laura

I have booked two RTW tickets before so hopefully some of my past experiences may be able to help you!

I have booked both of my previous tickets through STA Travel. I suggest going into a few travel agents with your chosen destinations and seeing if they can work out a quote for you. Also research One World Flights (maybe google) and Star Alliance flights also check out this link for how many different types of RTW tickets there are http://www.thetravellerslounge.co.uk/round-the-world/flights.htm.

The flights normally work on mileage or how many continents to be travelled to and the travel agents normally work out what ticket type your destinations will best be suited to.

This might help to start off and if you have anymore questions, just email me.


3. Posted by rasberries (Inactive 154 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hey Laura,

I woudl also advise STA Travel or another budget/student travel agency. Even if you arent a student these kind of agencies know way more about round the world travel than most leisure/business agencies.

A round the world trip has to have 3 or more continents to be considered round the world. try doing stops like fly into cape town and then out at nairobi or windhoek or something in order to see as much as possible.

laura, always bring more money then you think you need and have it at easy access or take out a credit card with a few thousand limit just incase! This way its there if you need it and if you dont then there is no harm.