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Hi All,

Travelling to Sth America in December for 2-3 months. Arriving in Rio than planning on working my down to B.A I am than wanting to get to Bogota than work my way down the coast before flying out of Santiago. I was hoping anyone with any information on cheap airlines that fly between B.A and Bogota or any hint,tips or advice on a general trip through Sth America would be great.

Look forward to speaking.


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First heading north and then go south again to Lima... sounds like a pretty illogical route to me. In order to reduce continental flying, as we all should do, consider taking busses, and consider cutting the northern part of the cone from your plans; what you plan to do sounds way too ambitious to me. For comparison; I did Ecuador, a very small part of Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina a few years back, which cost me 2,5 month alone. SA is a BIG place.

I'd be happy to suggest some alternative itineraries, let me know. Good luck,

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Niels makes a lot of sense in the previous post.

If you really do need to fly between B.A. and Bogota though, and you are streched for time I know that Aerolineas Argentinas fly direct. LAN and TACA may also have a service, so too would COPA, but none of these airlines would be direct (definitely not COPA, not sure about LAN or TACA).

Also not sure what the cheapest airline to fly would be as prices vary depending on seasons, availability, specials etc. Best to check their respective websites for the dates you need and book far in advance as possible.

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As requested a further note on possible itineraries. Note that I've never been in the northern part of SA (Colombia, Venezuela, Guayanas, most of Brazil), so I don't know about possibilities there. Also, consider buying SA handbook (footprint) or the SA shoestring (LP); both contain a section on suggested itineraries, given certain timeframes.

Most convenient routes in SA go either clockwise or counter-clockwise, because the middle is reasonably difficult to penetrate (definitely possible, but it takes more time). So in your case, from Rio, you either head north and do most of brazil (Salvador, Brasilia, etc). Then you have a choice to go up to Venezuela/Colombia and take the 'coastal' route to Lima via Ecuador, or you head deep into the jungle, via Manaus and Iquitos, ending up in north-eastern Peru. There are possibilities to get from there to Cusco, but you'd better ask someone else about that since I don't really know.

Clockwise, you head down from Rio to BsAs via Iguazu, and then go further south, all the way to Patagonia if you want. The route back up leads through Chile and western/Andean Argentina, through the Atacama region, andean Bolivia, Titicaca and Cusco.

These are VERY sketchy tips, of course, but I hope to have given you some ideas. Given the season in which you plan to go, I'd opt for the southern route in your case.

have fun!