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Hi all,

Would like some advice from some well travelled folks... I have done very little traveling and have a bad back. I now have a permenent disability check each month and would like to get away for the winters as "I need warmer weather". I have a monthly budget of approx $1000.00 Can dollars and would like some input on were my money would go the furthest without sleeping under a rock...?

Some of the things that I like are...

White sandy beaches w/o hook worms and other nasties!
Palm trees.
Running water
Flushing toilets. Ok I'm a bit soft,lol

I know this is still a bit vague but is it realistic to survive on this amount of money anywhere and still have some fun...?


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Indonesia. I haven't been myself but from what I've heard you'll get all the paradisy stuff like white sand and palmtrees, and you can stay in luxurious bungalows for almost no money at all.


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Egypt is also an option. There are whole Egyptian families who scrape by on 70 CAD a month, more dying than living of course. But for one person it is possible to live comfortably on 200 CAD a month in a small modern flat. A big house near the beach in Hurghada is available for 10,000 CAD.

If you only want to stay for the winter, Aswan is very nice.

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I have several options for you to consider. Thailand is cheap enough if you pick the right location. You will have to deal with the visa requirements however. You could get a 60 day tourist visa and then extend it for another 30 days. That gives you 3 months then you have to leave the country, say Malaysia or Cambodia. The Krabi area would be my first choice as it has great beaches & water, is very pretty and not expensive.

I would vote for Cambodia if I were in your situation. You pay for a business visa; $25/month and then can extend it indefinitely. Many travel agents and guesthouses will do it for you for a small additional fee. Let them deal with the Cambodian Immigration. They speak the language and know how to deal with these guys. Pay the extra money and relax.

Now location. There really is only one spot that meets your requirements in Cambodia; Sihanoukville. It is a nice place to spend the winter. Great climate, several beaches to choose from, many places to rent in your budget range and ex-pats around to chat/pal around with. I have some photos in my gallery of S'ville.

Bill, if you have any questions, send me a PM and we will discuss your coming adventure.