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I am arriving into BKK at midnight and just wondered what I should do about accomodation for that night. I haven't been to Thailand before so don't know how long immigration, luggage etc takes. I want to stay in the Khao San Road area, but don;t know if its better to stay around the airport area for the first night, Any suggestions?
Any thoughs are appriciated

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Hello Dani

Personally, if it was me, i would not bother with accomodation, for the first night.
U could get a taxi, to Khao San Road, and hang out there, until 6AM. It will be around 2AM, by the time u get there, anyway. At around 6AM the cafes and guesthouses, will probably start to open. There might even be a few late bars and cafes still open, at 2AM, when u get there. Maybe somebody else can provide u with info, about which ones.
If u really want accomodation, book ahead, and make sure u let them know that u will be arriving at around 2AM. Ask the taxi man to drop u off, near your guesthouse.
At the airport,go down stairs, to get the metered taxis, instead of going directly outside. These taxis are cheaper.


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Interested in staying at the airport for the night?! If you are, go to www.sleepinginairports.com (or is it .org? or ... I forget. Do a Google search if you're intersted. Look up "sleeping in airports". That should get you there. They've got info on all the airports, I think, ALL the airports in the world. Info like, sleeping there, just hanging out for some hours, and various things connected with airports. I've slept at the airport in BKK once or twice. I forget what level I slept on. But it's really close to the S & P bakery. Just follow the signs to this bakery. There's a Burger King and I guess a KFC and other such "food" places there. If you get to the bakery, you've just passed the place where you (and others) will sleep. It's a bit chilly so if you've got something to keep you warm you'll be glad. I slept with my bags and woke up with them! Everything in tact. If you decide to sleep there but don't want to risk losing valuables, check them in to the baggage check in place. I think it's 70 baht per piece. I forget. There are other places you could sleep at the airport, I suppose. The website will give you more info. All the info is from people who've been there, done that. Interesting reading, and useful if you're traveling.

There's a guest house near the airport. Can't for the life of me remember the name of the place. I stayed once. It was a nice enough room, big, with a big bed. I stayed one night at the end of August or beginning of September. Off-season. I arrived about midnight, like you. They charged me 300 baht for the room. I don't know if they'd'a charged me less had I said it was too expensive, but I suppose they would have. I suppose they took advantage of the time of day - midnight. Nice people running the place, though they were all friendly and generous in other ways. Fan room. Shared bath. Basic but clean enough. It's a house converted into a guest house.
The place is just behind the Amari Hotel. A major major hotel. Big and expensive. You'll go through the Amari to get to the guest house. Everyone around knows the place. Just ask, in English, that's fine, where the guest house is. It's best if you pronounce it something like "get hout"!

If you want to hike to Khao San the first night and still want something cheap, the cheapest place I know of is 80 baht per night. I stayed once. Very basic but, hey, it worked. Tiny room. Shared bath of course. Small bed. But clean enough. My room had lots of character with all the writing on the walls from previous Japanese guests. The people there are not overly friendly, but, they're weren't hostile or anything either! [b]PC Guest House. Here's how to get there!! Get to Khao San. Find the big Burger King sign. Easy to see. Easy easy to see. Stand in front of Burger King. Walk left. Take the first right which is only a few seconds away from Burger King. Walk to the T intersection. It's less than a few seconds walk!! You'll run straight into a vegetarian restaurant which is open all night!! Beer and what not. Walk left. Maybe 20 seconds! You'll pass another veg restaurant - this one closes at a reasonable hour. You'll come to a tiny lane where you can turn right. Walk in about 10 seconds! There are two guest houses here. PC is the one on the left. It's behind some corrugated steel fencing. They're open all the time. No food or anything there but if you want Burger King they are open until I think 3 am. Or go for the veg food! And why not? Get the papaya salad. But don't eat at the first place I mentioned. The service was colder than the beers! The second place I told you about may be better. I never did eat there. I eat veg. I know you probably don't. But why not plug veg food once in a while?

Otherwise, you could stay at any number of places on or near Khao San. I forget when you're coming, but if you come in high season, yeah, a reservation would be nice for the first night.

There's a very nice place not too far from there, less touristy, far fewer backpackers, but still there's a bit of the flavor. It's called Shanti Lodge. You should be able to find them on the internet.


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First night you will probably want a bit of confort and safety. Stay on Rambuttri road - bit quieter than Kho San but only round the corner

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i can recommend the rambuttri village inn, it is a quality budget hotel with swimming pool on the roof (a must for bangkok) book ahead as they normally get fully booked.

It is situated on soi rambuttri, which is more chilled out than khao san road, yet only round the corner from the madness if thats what you want. The pool is a godsend and even has free sun loungers!