Injections in asia,whats needed?rabies and Hep B

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1. Posted by gibsta (Budding Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Me and my girl are traveling to SEA in just 3 weeks and now im loading up on injections.I hvae had the core ones but i have been offered rabies and Hep B and also Japaneses fever.Are these necessary as its going to cost a bomb.Any advice?

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Hello gibsta

I would not bother, with the ones u have listed.

Rabies is a fatal disease, but u can get the vaccination, after u get bitten, by an animal, if that ever happens. After the bite, u have 2 weeks to get the first injection. But even if u had the vaccination, before travelling, u would need a booster, after the bite. So there would be hassle, whatever, if u get bitten.

Hep B is just a danger to people who are very promiscuous. If u are not planning to sleep with prostitutes, i dont think it is necessary.

I will look up more info, about Japanese fever, for u, but i doubt u need that vaccination. I never get it.


3. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Advise from my SE Asia on a shoestring book, about Japanese B Encephalitis vaccination
Risk: All countries except Singapore
It is very rare for travellers, to get this. The book recommends the vaccination, for only people who will spend more than one month outside cities.


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Hi! I'm travelling SE Asia at the moment. I had Hep B but didn't have Jap E or Rabies. However, I was bitten by a dog in Thailand :-( and am having to go through the post exposure treatment. I totally wish I would have had the vaccine before as now I have to have 5 injections over a month, which is a real hassle as I want to travel remote parts. If you have the injection before, I think you only have to have 3. The post exposure treatment is very expensive, even here, plus doctors fees. After you get bitten, you need to get to a doctor pretty much straight away. I went the next day and they told me if I'd left it one more day it could have been too late, so you don't have 2 weeks!! I'm also glad I had Hep B as had to get medical treatment here. Peace of mind, if nothing else... I know it's hard to weigh up the pros and cons. But the only con is really the money...but it's like insurance. Shop around, you can sometimes get it free on the NHS. There are some useful websites such as the world health organisation and fit for travel and visit your GP if you're in any doubt. Have fun! Hopefully you won't be as unlucky as me!!