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1. Posted by Lacason (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey im 17 years old now and have had this awesome dream of travelling europe either with someone or by myself i am sik of my own little box here in Perth (not that i dont like perth) but anyway i am pretty dead certain that i am going to europe ( France, spain, morocoo, italy...etc) with my bf around march next year ...becuase i wont be 18 yet is it safe for me to be by myself as my bf is big on surfing and im sure that ill be alone for alot of the time.... any stories or tips/ advice on what is the safest way to go about being a young 17/18 year old traveller...??

Also i would love info on getting work in europe how did you find it and is it easy to find work ....?? i have a british passport and am a competent frenh speaker... soo...??

Thanx... any stories advice or tips would be greatly appreciated ....:)

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If you hold a british passport, you are allowed to work in Europe without a work permit. The only problem you might face is your age. 18 is the legal age in Europe too, there are a lot of laws regulating work for minors. Thus a lot of low-wage jobs popular with travellers (bar work, working in hostels, etc) are not available to you at 17. It might be better to wait until you are 18, it would solve possible hassle.

To get decent pay that actually allows you to live on your income, you will also need to have at least some work experience. Get a job at the supermarket or similar while you are still in Australia. It will help you save the money for the ticket to Europe and get you work experience. Alternatively get some training as a teacher for English as a foreign language.

Make sure you have saved enough money to travel independently of your bf, in case your relationship goes bad on the road.(Don't scoff, it happens just too often.) You should also hold a flight ticket, so that if all things go pear shaped you can always fly home to mom and dad.

Europe overall is pretty safe to travel in, as long as you keep your common sense. There are always areas in cities where it is not safe at night.

BTW, you can always go as an Au-pair if you are good dealing with kids.

I highly recommend that you bring at least 5000 AUD with you on top of your flight ticket. This should be your money, not your bfs!Travelling and staying in Europe is expensive, make sure you have the money to keep going for a while without a job.

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Hello Lacason

I think in France, Spain and Italy just apply the same safety precautions, as u would in Perth.

Morocco is a muslim country, so more precautions apply. Wear loose clothes, which cover your shoulders and knees,at least. I usually wear a loose dress, down past my knees, with sleeves, and loose trousers, underneath.
I would also not be seen drinking alchol or smoking cigarettes, in a public place, or where any Moroccan will see u, for that matter. It gives the wrong impression. I was on a bus one time. A man offered me a cigarette, and i took it. That was not a good idea.
If u want to smoke, in public, go into cafes. They have water pipes in there, which are pretty good. And while in the cafe, nobody will bother u. Hospitality, is a very important thing, in Muslim countries.
When on public transport, sit beside the women. Especially, a woman with daughters. They will take good care of u.
Dont let any man touch u, or hold your hand. This will also give a bad impression, to anyone watching.
I will look up more Moroccco specific imformation, later, to make sure i covered everything.


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Working in Europe

I think since u have a British passport, that means u should be allowed to work legally, in any EU cournty.

I dont know what type of job u are looking for, but in Italy, i think they are often looking for child minders.
Usually, when i have been looking for jobs, in Europe i have managed to pick up jobs in cafes, bars and other food outlets. I worked in England, Ireland and Germany. I just travelled, in the other countries.


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Hey guys ..

thanx for your help and advice.... good to hear first hand information. i have actually been working in a cafe and shop for a long time i have plenty of work experience in hotels, restaurants, travel and tour operators, cafe's and supermarkets. thanx for the advice on clothin i was really weary and unsure... but it will be a good break and interesting experience... i am saving atm and will have my air ticket payed for ..(thanx mummy and daddy :) ) but with a full time job i will have easy 5000 AUD if worse comes to worse i will go to england stay with my family and work there perhaps ..... but yeh so this is my plan...thanx again for all your advice and any additional info would be great i have done lots of research and will continue :) ....

Many Thanx from the enthusiastic youngen...:)