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1. Posted by Jelbee (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

So this May I'm headed to Ireland (from Canada) simply for a visit/tourist-type excursion! (*oozes excitement*) I have a relative who lives in Belfast, but I can't decide whether I should stay with her, or go to Dublin. Any opinions?

On top of that, anyone know how difficult it might be to find some temporary work for three months or so?

(On a side note: Mmm, Irish accents. *melts*)

2. Posted by SeeTheSky (Full Member 558 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

oh my god ireland is amazing. dublin is freakin amazing but its definitely very city-esque. i went to galway, which was more rural but still somewhat urban, and it was amazing.

oh god i need to go back and see more.. i want to see the whole damn island.
have fun!

3. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

You dont say how long you are here for - to be honest the distance between Belfast and Dublin is quite short so why not do both cities?

Belfast is my home town and is really up and coming - in May the weather should be great too (well when l say great - for Ireland but ALWAYS expect rain!!)

I love Dublin too so jump on the train and 2 hours later you should be in central Dublin.

4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I agree with Purdy. I stayed in Belfast both visits and it was pretty easy to get anywhere. Dublin is just two hours away, plus accommodation can be a bit expensive in Dublin, so free lodging means more money for other things! Belfast is a great city to visit, plus you can go up the Antrim coast from there. Remember, though, that you'll be switching from pounds sterling to Euros when you travel to the Republic.

And I second those Irish accents! They differ from one town to the next, and they're all beautiful. ;)

5. Posted by Jelbee (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I'll be there for upwards of three months.

And thanks for the advice!

And it's only two hours between Belfast and Dublin? Oh man, I could do a day trip! I drive two hours to go to Toronto and back home again in a day here in Canada, hehe.

I kind of wish I had some sort of means to meet some Irish people before May, lol. I've got friends in England, but they're whiny and insistant that as THEY came to Canada, I have to go directly to them in England.

I may very well wander the streets of Ireland introducing myself to randoms.

You think Irish people will be as entertained by my accent as I am by theirs?

ALSO, for those who have been there, or live there... any specific tourist destinations you consider to be must-sees?

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6. Posted by SuperTeD (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I may very well wander the streets of Ireland introducing myself to randoms.

looking at your photo fingers crossed im one of those 'randoms'!, lol ;)

I'd say you should stay with you relative for a while until and take day trips and see Antrim and Donegal and maybe a day trip to Dublin too, but, you have to visit the mid/south west of Ireland too if you came which would probably mean having to stay in B&Bs etc... Galway, its got class nightlife and its just good fun walking about the place you will meet loadsa ppl cause its a university city and all... you also would have to visit Kerry just for the sites, the gap of dunlow (spelling!) dingle bay, the ring of kerry, and there are a few castles there too, shanes castle i think its called is a really cool one.

As for work, i dunno if it would be that easy to get a temp job for 3 months, maybe you could get a job in a bar or something if you have experience?!, im actually hopeing to travel next year and i've got a job in a bar myself here exclusively so i have the experience so i can maybe get a job if i need one when i do go travelling...

7. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello Jelbee

Belfast is still part of England, so it might have a slightly British quality about it.
Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland. I think i would go there. But even if u stay in Belfast, Ireland is small, and u can easily vist other places.

There is a lot of unemployment, in Ireland, at the moment, so jobs will be scarce. But even in the worst times, with some effort, i have been able to find work, in food outlets. If u only want to work for a few months, it may be better not to mention that. It would make it more difficult to get a job. Tell them u are staying for a year. Also, as a canadian u will require a work permit, to work in Ireland. But saying that, my brother in law, who is American worked illegally, for a year, in Ireland, before he married my sister. He worked as a dishwasher, in a bar.