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Hi I am off to Egypt on the 30th October. What an experience for a Granny by herself from Australia....Pyramids to Petra with a Tour Company. What should I look for? I would of loved to be able to go into the Pyramids but I believe that is impossible. A dream of mine is coming true. I want to buy some Egyptian perfune. Pure essence to wear....Wonderful....A visit to Petra I have been told is unbelieveable and travelling down the Nile. History explored and being lived by me.

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

It is possible to enter the pyramids, but only for a selected few. They sell a daily, limited contingent of tickets. It might be possible to get one of them if you are with a tour.

Be warned that you need to be of sound health to do it. Climbing into the pyramids or some of the tombs in Valley of the Kings in Luxor requires a very good lung and a good heart.

But if you cannot get tickets into the Pyramids, don't despair. Nearby one of the pyramids there is a building reminiscent of a UFO. If you see people queuing, get in line and grab a ticket too. Inside Pharao's Barge is on display. It is magnificent.

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HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY ...You are SOOOOO welcome in Egypt the way i'm aussie too ...born in egypt ...lived in Ausland ...but had to come back to egypt ...
First i totaly agree with t-maia ..sometimes pyramids tickets runoff ...but aslong you r with a tour company they will secure this pyramid visit to you ...Pyramids is like the most critical visit in their itenaries.

You will love egypt & the places you will visit, But here is some tips for you:
1- Always bargin, never accept the first price from a street seller & taxi service.
2- By the end of OCT the weather will be SOOOOO nice ... alittle coldish in the night, its begining of winter here not like ausland ...
3- YOU HAVE TO take a felouk in the Nile ( felouk like a small boat ) ;) if you are going withsome one you really care about try it by sunset ....its so romantic ...
4- The trip from Ausland to Egypt could take a day & half & maybe 2 days sure that u wear comfortable clothes ...
5- In touristic areas you will find ppl trying to sell you some gifts ...they will be (SORRY TO SAY) pain in the A** ... just say a very nervous NO & they will get lost ...
6- Egyptians are so friendly ppl ...if you ever get lost or having troubles don't hesitat to ask for help from any street walker ...Most of the egyptians knows Simple english (LOL DON'T TRY TO USE THE AUS SLANG MATE)

You don't have to worry about anything ...tour companies always makes sure u visit most of the very well knowen places in Egypt ...that Includes the Pyramids , Sphinx , Sakara ( all in same area which is Giza) & Cliopatra ( i think this is what you mean by Petra) & hatshipsout & Ramses temples in Luxor & Aswan ...& sure the nile is crossing egypt from north to west ...

PLEASE if you have any questions just shoot

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Hi Granny,

You are Welcomed in Egypt, as an Egyptian i dont think i have anything else to add after all that is mentioned earlier except if you have time, try and go to Aswan it is awesome and the view of the nile is breathtaking (especially from the Old/New Cataract hotel).

Try to go to El Khan El Khalyly (big oriental market/bazzar) located downtown in Al Azhar area, you will find lots of egyptian and oriental souvenirs/ perfumes (be warned that lot of purfume shops sell bogus perfumes, try judge by yourself)

And ofcourse bargen alot becasue all shops sell their goods with x4 maybe more the original price to foreigners. Also try not to be fooled if someone came to you and tried to sell you a genuine pice of artifact which is usually not real (becides it is illigal to buy/sell geniune antiques in Egypt wether it is ancient egyptian or islamic, etc...)

Another thing, try to wear decent clothes while walking in the streets (avoid sleeveless/ see through shirts or very short shorts/skirts - although some locals do wear it) inorder to avoid harassments from the locals.

There is one thing that i think you got confused with which is Petra, Petra is an anciant city located in Jorden not Egypt, check this url:

Thats all i jope you enjoy your trip to Egypt to the fullest and if you need anything else please go ahead and ask.


5. Posted by Aladdino (Budding Member 2 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi Granny,
You are so welcome to Egypt and i wish you lovely vacation.
I think there are not much things to tell after the good answers by our friends here.
I don't know how many days you will stay in Egypt and if you come with a tour operator or you will do it by your self.
I know that you come from so far away, and Egypt have many things to offer you from north to south and from the sea to desert, and you should plan your tripvery well and know your budget to cover most of the interesting places.
You should not miss Luxor and Aswan if you love to learn about ancient Egypt very well and enjoy nature and the Nil river.
if you like diving and the sea then your direction is the red sea area ( Hurghada, Sharm el Shekh, Safaga, Qusier, Marsa Alam).
you like desert adavture or to discover life in the desert,then you will need to think about western desert of Egypt, there are many Oasis and the most interesting is Siwa Oasis.
I am live in luxor and have great experince with my area. It will be my pleasure to help you to plan your trip while you are here.
my best wishes
Alaa Taiea

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