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I am taking the family with teenagers to Paris for two weeks and the number of sites is intimidating. Can anyone suggest an itinerary to make sure we hit the highlights?

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You might want to try a bus tour of the city for a good overview of the sites available. I used L'Open Tour when I went there last and it was pretty good.

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MR1: The best way to see the most of Paris in 3-4 hours and have fun is to take Mike's Bicycle Tour. The website is - you simply show up at the south foot/corner of the Eiffel Tower and you and the group walk a few blocks to the bike tour office. I have gone on this bicycle tour twice with first timers to Paris. The orientation to this wonderful city is better on a bike than on a tour bus or tour boat.

There are also Segway tours though I suspect Segways will be a higher cost and a shorter duration.


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I tried to compile a Paris plans, hope you like it.

First early start At the Palais de Chaillot (it´s called Trocadero) There is nothing to see there except a good view on the eiffel tower.
Cross the bridge in front of you and go up the eiffel tower(using the stairs obviously ).
As you did an early start and beat the queue at the eiffel tower, it´s still morning when you get down the tower.

Walk along the river in direction of Notre Dame passing in front of the Invalides and the Panthéon.

After having lunch around Notre Dame, you can enjoy a walk or a drink (if too tired)around the latin quarter (st eustache church).

You can have a bit of rest.

In the evening go to Place de la Concorde (next to the american Embassy)and start going up on the Champs Elysees finishing you walk at the Arc de Triomphe.

End of the first day.

The second day start at the Sacré coeur and Place du tertre (where you find the painters).
You still have the Afternoon to go to The Louvres

This itinerary it´s for people who dont have too much time but you can take more time in the site and museum if you are lucky enough too have a couple of days in Paris.

Hope that will help you. Have a good trip

Another site if you like walking the hemingway´s is excellent.


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If I understand your post correctly, you will be spending 2 weeks in Paris. This is terrific!! YOu will be able to se a great deal at a leisurely pace. Get some good tour books, as well as info from the French Government Tourist Office. Paris is big!

You can try to group your days' outings by area, so that you won't waste much time traveling. The Métro is wonderful, fast and cheap. Everybody is different, everyone will have different things that they want to see. But 14 days is more than enough time for a first visit to see a great deal. A lot of people enjoy just walking and absorbing, spending time in cafes and just chilling out. Also eating is a large part of a visit to Paris. Pick your eating places carefully as well. Try to stay away from touristy restaurants with English menus and a large tourist patronage. Try for restaurants that cater to locals.

Have a great trip, and bon voyage!!

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I would say, decide what you like doing and use the guidebooks to help you decide. Nothing is worse than just forming a hitlist of sites and then just doing that one after the other. Choose what you're interested in.
Another interesting and for me helpful source is real people's views and travel stories on the internet. You can find out about little interesting and memorable places that the books don;t mention.
You'll have plenty of time with 2 weeks there so, yes you can afford to take your time. You might want to even tour areas outside Paris, so might be a better idea to get a 'France' rather than 'Paris' guidebook.
Sometimes the best way is to just walk around, people watch and get lost in the city. For me, the Latin quarter was a personal favourite by day and night.
Maybe check the net for events going on when you travel that your kids might be interested in.
Have a great journey.

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Two weeks is plenty of time to see everything - it'll even give you time just to be spontaneous. What to see, and how best to see it all, all depends on how you wish to divide your trip. Classics like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Trimphe and Notre Dame can all be done together in a day - whereas the Louvre takes a whole day unto itself. Read up on Paris and buy a guide book - then just follow your nose.

Why not start with a Bateau Mouche tour on the Seine? It's a good way to get a feel for the layout of the city and learn a little bit about the place. I'd also recommend a trip to Pere Lachaise cemetery and the Catacombs. They're a bit unconventional but absolutely fascinating. Take a day trip out to Versailles. You can even plan a two-day trip to Normandy to see the D-Day beaches, if you like. It's just under a 3-hour train ride to Caen.

Try not to overplan every day and leave room just to sit and take it all in. YOu'll do fine with 2 weeks.

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I just got back from Paris and I managed to see most of the sites in 8 days, so with 2 weeks you'll be fine! Here was what we did and it was great!

Day 1- Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumphe, Moulin Rouge, and Sacre Coeur
Day 2- Musee D'Orsay- we liked this better than the Louvre!
Day 3- Versailles- Definitely worth the day trip!!
Day 4- Place de la Concorde and Champs Elysees
Day 5- Invalides- Napoloeons Tomb, Musee Rodin
Day 6- Montemartre and Place du tertre,Pere Lachaise Cemetery and Catacombs
Day 7 -Louvre
Day 8- rest and EAT!

Have fun with whatever you decide!

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I really like Mike's Bicycle Tour when I was there. I also discovered Paris on my own. I guess I was well prepared. On site that really helped me at that time was You will find a lot of good tips for your future Paris trip. Enjoy

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Two weeks will be great to see Paris, as everyone is saying. I was a student in Paris for 3 months and believe me, you won't run out of things to do! Like others have said, the better part of Paris is getting away from the tourist-y areas, taking time to enjoy the cafes, and just walking around. Coming without an itinerary is probably the best way to go because you'll discover things you want to see along the way. When I lived in Paris, I rented an apartment that I know is possible for short-term stays and would make your family's time in Paris far more enjoyable. I went through a company called Parisian home ( who set me up with an apartment and made my arrival in Paris very smooth. An apartment is a great way to "live the Parisian life" for a couple of weeks! With a longer stay, a hotel might get a little cramped and uncomfortable, so I highly recommend checking out this site.