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i am planning to go to Germany late in this year or at the beginning of next year...I am so eager to go i would love to plan it i will have something to count on in the rest of this year:)

i would love to go to Berlin, Frankfurt, Muinch and Hamburg..i've been to Germany twice for some reason i didn't see the real beautiful things...i admire the country and people, so i decided to go back again...:)

I would love to hear people talk about Germany, everything is interesting for me...:)

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I'm a big WW2 buff, so when I went to Berlin and Munich, I was so intrigued. In Berlin, we took a complete walking tour of the city and learned many things that I didn't know about the war and it's affect on the city. In Munich, we took a day trip to Dachau to the labour camp there. It was such an interesting experience and very sobering. If you enjoy history and want to find out more about things in general, I recommend going there. There is also a labour camp outside of Berlin - Sachsenhasusen - which was also supposed to be very interesting, but I did not get a chance to go.

On a lighter note, the shopping in Berlin is excellent! We spent a whole day just walking around the shops, blowing the last of our trip money Well worth it I must say!

Katie ;)

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your trip sounds absolutely interesting:) i learned a lot about the WW2 as well...i wonder why people neglect the uncompensatble crimes Japan invadors did....:) and that's one of the reasons why i really admire German, they keep on apologizing, but Japan..Never !!!

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I was present at the "official" closing of Checkpoint Charlie when the Berlin Wall came down, it was really interesting to see the difference between East and West Berlin at that time.... It was like being on two different planets, just after walking a block, really strange. I loved West Berlin though, it was a nice city to visit.

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I wish I could have visited when the wall came down. I remember seeing it on television and thinking it was so great that everyone was happy about it (I was about 10 then, so I didn't completly understand the situation). It must have been so interesting to see two different ways of life attempting to go back as one in Berlin. What I found great about Berlin is that they still have sections of the wall and the wall markings all over the city. They could have just tried to put that part of history in the past, but instead decided to embrace it, not letting people forget about that dark time in history.

Katie ;)

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I hear at present, east german and west german still behave differently....:) isn't it interesting?...

such an incredible country to visit, i couldn't wait to go back:)

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orienteyec, if you'll come over here around mid-December, don't forget visiting some of the Christmas markets! I'm sure you'll never forget the festive atmosphere in Germany :)

If you need further information, please feel free to contact me

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I just finished up Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Vienna. But as far as G
Germany goes if you stop by Berlin, I spent a week there myself.

Here are some great cheap things to do in Berlin:

There is a company that does "free" tours. The idea is that at the end of the tour you pay whatever you want if you liked it. Their guides only work for tips so they make sure to do it right. The company is called New Berlin tours. I also did their pub crawl and concentration camp tour, which you do have to pay for, but it was totally worth it. The concentration camp is a really powerful experience.

Also check out the parliament building, the riechstag. You can go up in the top of there for free too.

Another free thing: Topography of Terror. It's all in German, but you can get an audio guide. Then there's the East Side Gallery. A section of the wall that has been left standing and artists have painted on it. Pretty cool.

I guess in most of the hostels in Berlin you can get a free guide to the city, there was one in mine. I don't know about you guys, but I prefer to travel light and cheap. Go to Berlin! It is awesome, especially for the money! Happy trails!

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I went to The Topography of Terror as well - very interesting. It was a history of Germans in war (if I remember correctly) and was built underneith one of the still standing pieces of the berlin wall, in the basement of the former SS headquarters. It's an open-air mueseum (the SS building was destroyed years ago), and the English audo guide is 1 Euro or so, and definately worth it.

Katie ;)