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Hello - after meeting several wonderful people from the UK this weekend my best friend and I have confirmed our strong desire to move to England for at least a year.

I am 24 and have never tried to live anywhere out of the US. Does anyone know how to go about applying for a Visa - where the best places for two single young women to live are, keeping in mind prices and jobs. We both have two University Degree's in Communications and Politics, how hard is it to get a good paying job?

This is the beginning of some careful planning to move, so any information would be great.

Also I really want to bring along my two small Jack Russell's - any clue on how that works?? Vacinations and Quarenteens?

Thanks a million!

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Being a college grad makes it somewhat possible to emigrate to the UK, at least easier than if you were not a college grad. There are a couple things that you need to have to get a visa... I don't know much about you so I don't know if you'd qualify for say an ancestry visa, but were you born in the US? Do you have any relatives who are recent emigrants to the US?... You might qualify for an ancestry visa...

Most likely though you should look at the "Highly Skilled Migrant Program" or a working holiday... although a working holiday doesn't sound quite like what you are looking for.... I will put in a link for the UK Visa website in a minute.

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ok... had to go find them again, here you go.

For general visa info as far as ancestry or other similar visas try

For the HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Program) try

Hope this works out for you, I am planning on moving over there at some point too... Fortunately my visa stuff is easy as my family only recently came to the states.


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Hi there,
DEFRA is the government organisation responsible for the authorisation of animals being brought into the UK. Try...

As for jobs, not sure what 'good paying' means to you. The cost of living is very high here right now. I travelled through 22 countries last year and didn't find any more expensive than the UK. Even in Tokyo, somethings are still cheaper than here.

Good luck