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i have been travelling in europe for most of this year and i spent a large part of the time in switzerland. I was lucky to be able to stay for free (in one of the worlds most expensive countries) with friends i had met last year while travelling in asia. Many of the friends i made here said they would love to be able to take a working holiday in Australia as many french, german, dutch ect citizens do but the working holiday visa is not available to them. Does anyone know why this would be and if there would any changes made to these rules in the near future?? any immigration guru`s out there with some answeres??

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I can only say that it is the same when u r austrian. I couldn't get a working holiday visa for NZ and I guess it would b the same for Aus. Someone told me it had to do with the government making/changing their conventions etc. If less Australians are allowed to enter/work in Austria they will do the same. It sounds like a 'made up' reason (eye for an eye), but I've never asked why certain nationalities can't get one! My advise: ask an Immigration officer at the embassy! They might not wanna or be able to tell u, but it's worth a try!

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Kathi, you're quite close to the reason why. It's not so much an "eye for an eye" as that means taking something from someone who has taken something from you - usually someones life.

The agreement has to be bilateral: if we give Swiss nationals the right to working holiday visas in Australia then the Swiss must do the same for Australian nationals, and the Swiss will not agree to this. Our government is open to working holiday agreements with nearly all developed countries as the benefits to Australia are significant; however, the other country has to agree. It does depend somewhat on our political and economic ties to the country as well. There are only 19 countries in the agreement.

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There are proxy working holiday visas available for all nationalities i.e. study visa via cheaper private VET (vocational) study system which gives work rights, extendable and can lead to residency.

Any questions feel free to ask, we are Australian, but based in Hungary :)



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