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I want to go somewhere in Scandanavia for a week in December. Which country is the best to visit and why?


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Scandinavia is great in December! I would go to Stockholm, Sweden if I were you... The whole city is in a Christmas mood, especially during the weekends before Christmas. You can visit X-mas markets at Skansen (open air museum and zoo), Royal Palace Drottningholm and on the square in the Old Town. Go go go! :)

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I am just back from Oslo, and it is one of the best cities I ever visited. I hope to go to Scandinavia in December as well, but this time not to visit. I am searching a job there. It is the best place in the world. Cosily lit cities, vibrant city life, dark winters and bright summers, the most modern cities next to endless woods and hills, a nice coastline, beautiful girls, ... I have been to Copenhagen and Oslo of the capitals (still have to do Helsinki and Stockholm) and both are recommendable. I also enjoyed Aalborg a lot.

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Thanks guys. I'm still undecided. What about Reykjavic in Iceland???

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It depends on what you want to see. :) If you want to enjoy the city life and shopping, I would recommend Copenhagen. If you want to drink beer with down to earth people and listen to good rock music, Oslo is the place to go. Stockholm is also a very beutiful city with a good city life.

:) Thomas

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I have only been to Norway - spent a few days in Oslo last December, during the run-up to Christmas. It is the perfect city break to get you in the festive spirit!Last year there was a life-sized nativity scene in the town centre!
Remember that Scandanavia is really expensive (I paid £7 for soup) but if you stay in a hostel and take food with you you can have a great time on the cheap! There are plenty of free attractions in Oslo, including the national gallery, which houses a number of Munch's works, Vigelandsparken and local woods and lakes. As an aside, the people we met were amazingly friendly, they couldn't do enough for us, which really made the trip.

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Quoting dee23

Thanks guys. I'm still undecided. What about Reykjavic in Iceland???

Reykjavík is a cool place! Although it is a very small city, the nightlife is excellent. And there are lots of things to see near Reykjavík, for example the Blue Lagoon, geysirs, puffin islands... The bad news is that Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

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Well personally i'd recommend some of the more rustic places for christmas. I myself live in Espoo (Finland) which is just tied up to Helsinki (distance about 10km and in practise it's impossible to notice the "border") and I've also been really many times in Stockholm too. Both Helsinki and Stockholm are really nice average-sized cities with Helsinki having about 500 000 inhabitants and Stockholm about 1 000 000, but they both are capitals and quite large cities and you probably wont catch the "right" spirit of nation in neither one of them.

I would recommend you either the Finnish or Swedish Lapland for christmas. In Finland for example Levi or Rovaniemi could be just wonderful places to spend a christmas with a tons of snow, aurora borealis (Northern lights), Santa Claus (finnish people believe that Santa Claus comes from Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland) lots of skiing (or slalom if you prefer), snowmobile safaries and absolutely marvelous landscapes and unbeliavably beautiful and pure nature. In Lapland of Finland there are also many skiing centres in which you can find both loads of people and great after-ski parties and also solitude and quietness, whatever you prefer.

Also I want to mention that both in Helsinki and Stockholm the weather is usually quite bad in december. It isn's very snowy, probably you vill face just some sleet rain and zero plus-minus five degrees of celsius temperature. The "real" winter comes to Helsinki/Stockholm latitudes usually not until in the middle of january...

Just keep in mind that Scandinavia is generally quite expensive area. Food and accommodation are generally quite expensive, but in other hand everything is everywhere generally a quite good quality, so u can take the cheapest option always with actually no worries. Scandinavia is also probably the safest destination possible for traveller.

If u want some more information, just ask my email address or throw your question on this forum.

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