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My name is Martin Riebeek and I am a visual artist in the Netherlands.
From the 4th till 13th of November this year, we are planning to go to Cairo for the project 'Imagine Being There'.
This work of art will be exhibited in national and probably international museums.

By sending you this email I hope that you might help me and my crew with this project.
We are not only looking for various different people who we could interview.
We also need people who could help us with the translations (from arabic to english) and who could guide us through the city as well.
If you do know some people who would be willing to assist us on this project, please do not hesitate to contact me. I also included the detailed describtion of the entire project so you could get a better idea of what we are trying to achieve. Thank you in advance for you help.

The concept is as followed:
For the project ‘IMAGINE BEING THERE’ we are making 200 portraits all around the world. We have been filming in the Netherlands, Berlin, Prague, Belgrade, Budapest, Athens, Naples, Shanghai and New York asking people about there paradise in life. Soon we will go to Cairo.

’Imagine being there’ is about traveling, being on the road, having personal desires, looking for the other, looking for the ultimate paradise...
We film short portraits (one ore two minutes) of the people we meet.

Everyone filmed by us answers the same 4 questions in front of the camera.

what is your name?
where do you come from (being born)?
where are you now (place, city)?
What is, or means, paradise to you?

The duration of the interview will be about 1 or 2 minutes.

(by paradise you can think of, your dreams for the future, your most beautiful experience, the most beautiful song, or maybe the missing of a paradise).

Originality in location and the answer to the question about paradise are very important.

A couple of examples:
1. A violinist of the National Dutch Symphony plays a melody that reminds her of paradise.
2. A teenager raps about his view on the world.
3. A visually handicapted girl dreams of a world without obstacles.
4. A Cuban dancer tells about his paradise (in Spanish).
5. A girl looking for freedom in the streets of Belgrade.
6. A boy in a laundry tells about the generation problems between him and his dad.
7. A Russian circus artist working in Istanbul tells about permanent living in Russia.
8. A Imam In his mosk. Tells about the means of paradise according to the Koran

If you'd like take part in this project by telling about your paradise or maybe helping us by showing the good places in Cairo, please contact:

Martin Riebeek

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