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i'm in a place personally where i am finally free to travel--the boyfriend is gone, the job is done, and i'm sitting around contemplating my next move. i'm thinking of working/traveling abroad, possibly new zealand. i would be traveling alone for the first time and am a bit nervous about it.

any suggestions? anyone ever worked in new zealand on a work visa or anywhere else that was from another country?




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did i spell "advice" with an 's'? EEEEK that's awful!

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Well, since you are American (according to your profile), your opions are limited as to where you can work. Most Western countries are able to get working visas for alot of countries, but Americans are usually left out.

Luckily however, you can now get Working Visas for NZ. Maybe you already know this and that's why you chose NZ, but if not, here is the website where you can find info and apply. It's good for a year, and is a great way to see the country. You'll find tons and tons of Brits and Canadians doing the same thing. I did it a few years ago and it was a great time. I travelled solo, hitchiking everywhere I went, and picked up work on apple orchards and restarants and stuff. There's lots of jobs around if you look, especially in the tourist industry. The fruit industry as well seems to rely on backpackers to keep going, and every orchard I went to had a little traveller community that was there for the picking season.
NZ is a great place to travel solo and there are lots of transport optioins. I would say though that when you first arrive you may like to take some kind of backpacker tour like Kiwi Experience. I did that when I first arrived and it was great way to get my barings and to decide where I wanted to spend more time over the following few months. A good thing about NZ is that it's small enough that you can just roam around and not have to worry about backtracking like you do in Australia.

I'm not sure what else to tell you since your question is pretty broad, but if you got any thing more specific to ask then send me a message.

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Hello Panayiota

I worked in Canada, on a visa, the US illegally, Germany and England and Ireland where i dont need visas.

U may be nervous, but things work out. They always work out, one way or another. Go to New Zealand, or a different country, if u want, and have and adventure.


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thanks--i appreciate the sentiments! i am very excited because i am going to move in the direction of my fear (albeit, irrational fear) and book it. i am working out some kinks and then it's going to be official.

if anyone has any thoughts they want to share, feel free to post!

thanks again