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Hay everyone.

I am going away at the start of next year to Thailand for a month then on to Australia for three.

Can you tell me what i should take (clothes wise)What i am planing on taking my mum says is farrrrrrrrrrrr to much!

My friend who is also going away says her b/f told her to take 2 of everything and that is it!! sorry but i could not survive on two tops for 4 months!! I am planning on taking around 7 vest tops (they dont take up much room at all) a few pair of shorts and skirts and a couple pair of jeans, flip flops etc. Is this too much?? I dont want to feel a tink while away and be wearing the same gear for 4 months but dont want to be silly and take far too much!!


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i have just made the heart wrenching decision that when i go travelling my beloved hair straightener is not comming with me. so i suggest you leave yours at home too. heart breaking i know. haha
have fun

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You are going to be in Thailand - everything is SO cheap compared to western prices you will be able to pick up new stuff for a smidgen of the price you would pay in the UK. Put everything you think you are taking with out and then take half of it away.

If you are staying in hostels you will be able to was your clothes and in the heat they will dry really quickly!

It might see hard but when you are carrying your heavy pack around you will regret bring so much with you AND you will have no room for all the new stuff you will see on your travels!!

Good Luck


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I brought with me:

- 1 pair of jeans
- 1 pair of shorts
- 1 jean skirt I couldn't bear to not bring, haha
- 5 shirts (2 tank tops and 3 tees)
- 1 hoodie/jacket
- 1 pair of flip-flops

Clothes are not that expensive in Australia and they're cheap as in Thailand. I personally think it's totally unnecessary to have two pairs of jeans considering you'll be in such warm, humid climates and you probably won't wear the jeans too much anyway. Bring a really good, durable pair of jeans that "go" with all the shirts you decide to bring, and you'll be fine. As for footwear, bring one really good pair of flip-flops (the kind that you know won't give you blisters and force you into buying another pair!) and if you're planning on doing any amount of long-distance walking/trekking, a good pair of close-toed shoes (walking shoes or hiking boots, whatever works).

Honestly, no one you meet will give a crap what you're wearing. And chances are after a couple weeks you'll stop caring, too :P