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Hello there!

Next year I am going to SA and will be travelling mostly in Brazil Argentina and Bolivia. Obviously I know that SA has so much culture and natural beauty to offer and I will be taking full advantage of this! However I'm a 19 year old girl and here in London I go out drinking and partying a lot and I will be wanting to do that somewhat on my travels. I'm gona be in Salvador for Carnival which I know is a good start! But then after that I would like to know where the best places are in the countries I mentioned for going out partying and meeting other young people, travellers and locals.
Especially has anyone been to any good raves in those countries? Do they have massive raves or are they illegal like in the UK? (although that doesnt stop us ;))

Any info would be much appreciated!

Emily XX

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pacha , sunset , mint

all in buenos aires

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Parties in Buenos Aires ...

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You almost sound like you are apologising for having 'fun' on your itinerary! I think it is something a lot of people seem to forget about. I think BA is renouned as the best party place, particularly for big clubs. But if you are in Peru I recommend you stay at The Point hostels. They are all about socialising and going out partying and the staff are always ready to take the guests out on the town. Cusco is a great place to party. You won't find any 'proper' clubs. But head to The Point and they will make sure you have a great time


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Creamfeilds festival is in south america this november, if your up for a dance-athon!! It visits Buenos Aires, Rio and chille, the tickets are only about a tenner.

Underworld and Sacha are headlining!!!

Ill definatly be there!!!

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Thanks for that. I knew about Creamfields in BA, but I can't make it. But I didn't know about Rio. I can make that one!! Although you have now changed my entire itinery for Brazil!!


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BUENOS AIRES! You dont need anywhere else...because you'll be like a rag doll after hanging out in this city for a while! The clubbing scene there is AMAZING! You'll have the best time.

Rio was great too, but different.

If you need the names of any good places to go, let me know! :)