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Hi, Me and my boyfriend had been planning to come to aus for around 8 months, and we're finally here. Our plan was to start in sydney, stay there for three months, then have three months in Cairns and three months in Perth. We couldnt afford not to work and do all the things we have set our heart on doing. Now we're here, nothing is going to plan. We have not found jobs, the jobs we have started and finished have been the most unbearable jobs ever, door to door sales and surveys over the phone, both which we found really embarrasing and just unbearable! Dont get me wrong though, we're not strangers to hard work, and we know we have to put up with some rubbish jobs, but these were terrible! We have not found as many jobs as we had hoped for, the shop jobs in and around bondi and sydney where we are living seem to be more aimed at residents, and most say no travellers. Also, we were thinking it would be easy to meet a lot of people, but theres been no1, no-one seems as friendly as we thought they would be. Dont get me wrong... we LOVE Australia! We love the sydney harbour and that area, we love Bondi, we love our apartments and the beaches and everywhere we're been. It seems that the only thing is working in this country when your a traveller, and we cant afford not to work. Its really made us think now we're here, and we're trying to re-jig what our plan is. Any suggestions? We were thinking of taking only three months in each destination instead and not working? or a camper van up the east coast instead?! I dont know! Please Help! we love the country, but dont like work, typical students!! xxx

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You know what, I totally understand where you're coming from. My fiance and I are living in the Sydney area right now and we had similar experiences to you when it came to finding work. It took a couple weeks (and a couple crappy jobs), but we're now both settled in jobs we love. Don't give up hope! I suggest finding an agency to line you up with jobs which are applicable to your skills (i.e. office work, construction, etc), as opposed to job-hunting on your own ... the agency will make finding a job sooo much easier! And don't get too stressed if you're not finding something immediately. Somewhere along the way the perfect job will show up for both you and your boyfriend and you'll soon be making the money to do all the things you want to do.

Two great job websites you might want to check out:

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Don't give up. Maybe head up the coast and try a few resorts or something. It's always tough for students and younger people due to your lack of experience. And you're competing with thousands of other travellers who do have experience, and with thousands of local students who have the benefit of being locals. Despite the ads saying - No Travellers - there are loads of travellers with jobs in Bondi (I know this from first hand experience). The ones who get jobs are pushy and don't take no for an answer easily. They sell themselves to the employer. Can you imagine how harrassed local businesses must get by travellers looking for jobs? Its a lot, yet they still hire them. The point is they put up signs saying "No Travellers" as a deterrent, not a brick wall.

Did you tell the employers you were only here for 3-months? This just might turn them off. Stretch the truth a little; get your foot in the door.

Don't give up. It's a competitive dog-eat-dog (or traveller-eat-traveller) jobs market out there.