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Is Coober Pedy worth the trek? Is sounds like a neat place but should we just fly from Ayers Rock to Adelaide or is Coober Pedy a worthy spot?

Any suggestions on how many days we should set aside for the Great Ocean Road. Is 3 days, 2 nights too much?

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I'll be honest here, I found Coober Pedy a little disappointing. We just stopped for petrol and food, and that was enough! Perhaps I thought it was going to be more unusual or interesting. Maybe its because I'd read the book "Baggage" by Emily Barr (highly recommend it) which is based on a simliar place and I expected it to be like that, but it's only some of the buildings that are actually underground. Generally, the town is bit run-down and depressed.

It took two days to drive from Alice to Adelaide in a camper van, (we did a relocation for $1 a day, contact hire firms they may have cars/vans that need relocating) and if you haven't done a long road trip through the desert, it's pretty spectacular, as long as you are with the right people or you'll go crazy! Maybe I'm weird but I have a thing about deserts, the fact that there's nothing there for hundreds of km facinates me! And the dead-straight highway through SA is particularly barren and bleak. The scenery doesn't change for hours on end, its weird, but its an experience.

You can drive the Great Ocean Road in less than a day, including stopping at the most scenic spots, some people go as day-trips from Melbourne. But if its summer and you fancy taking it a bit slower (I was there in winter) I suppose you could stop at places along the way, if there are nice beaches and accomodation in the area maybe you could chill as long as you fancy?

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Oh, second thoughts, if you're going in the summer you may want to avoid places like Coober Pedy...could be like hell on earth in the desert, and perhaps after the centre in the heat you'll be dying to get down to the coast?.... The desert is nice in the winter though.

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I spent a night in coober pedy. Not much there really. I was told the locals were a bit hostile too. If you do go make sure you stay in groups. Dont walk around the place on your own. I did a trip from alice springs to adelaide over 8 days and to be honest if I could go back and do it again I would of got on a plane from alice springs to adelaide.
I did the great ocean road over 4 days. Some nice places there. 4 days was probably too long. The Twelve Apostles is good to see. Maybe do it over 2 days to save a bit of money and use that money to do the helicopter ride over the The Twelve Apostles. thats definitely worth it i think.