Does anyone know where to buy socks with pockets?

Travel Forums General Talk Does anyone know where to buy socks with pockets?

1. Posted by mtnfreak (Full Member 31 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I just thought they'd be useful when travelling, for putting extra cash in in case I get mugged :) (I think reading the travel insurance info. has made me paranoid, they don't insure cash but I can't be bothered using travellers cheques). I've thought several times in the past that they might be handy when going jogging, etc, but I haven't been able to find them in the shops. Anyone know anywhere I can get them apart from ordering from the US?

thanks :)


2. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Socks with pockets? Try disposal type stores, or sew them on yourself.

Alternatively, just use your normal ATM card and carry the amount of money around with you as you would in Australia.

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Hi Jodie
your in Australia right?
i'm sure i've seen them at Big W stores and even Target stores. But not sure if they still stock them. I'll keep a deliberate eye out for them.
My biggest paranoia for when I travel is when I do things like go swimming and i have a daypack of belongings & valuables. Guess I couldn't if there was no where to securely put it. Guess it depends where I am. I'm thinking of taking a 5 night stopover in Hawaii on the way to Canada this fall.
Good luck with the socks!

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Here is something I did and do. but it only works for girls.

there are some bras you can buy that have a little pocket where you can put extra padding, that can also work as a small pocket for extra money. Also what i did is i have a bra (a comfortable one without extra padding and underwire) that is a double layer in the front. There was a small rip on the side so I just cut it a little bit bigger and then slipped some money into the whole and slid it down so that it´s not visible. It works really well becuase noone would know to look for it there if they were robbing you and 2. for me the extra money is there for emergencey reasons but i can´t just whip it out and spend it on something i don´t really need.

hope this helps!

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lol, Leah, you're a genius! Excuse me while I make some alterations....

Katie ;)

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(I had posted a reply yesterday, I think I must keep just previewing my posts but forgetting to submit them!)

I would gladly sew my own if I had any sewing skills, but I'm afraid I'll just mess them up and they'd only be fit for wearing under long pants!

Thanks Beth, I'll have a look at Big W & Target just in case (I may have checked before but can't remember)

(That's a great idea Leah,....if I actually wore normal bras! I find them too annoying so wear much more simple & comfortable sports type ones all the time....ok....that's a lot more than I thought I would ever share on an international forum!)

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Leah - What do you mean it only works for girls.... ;)

If you wear trainers/approach shoes (instead of sandals), fold some notes, put in small wateproof plastic bag and put them under the (((damn, what the hell is thing called))) inner sole? and then put the sole back. More or less as perfectly safe as anywhere else, as smelly shoes are normally the last thing to be stolen. But make sure the bag is water (i.e. sweat) proof.

And don't do as a friend did and put a credit card there. It just warps/snaps and becomes unusable!

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Lol, you have made me remember ancient times when I was "defecting" (= emigrating illegally) from a then communist Poland to Sweden through Soviet Union and Finland. I was only allowed to take $20 with me and I wanted more, so I have sown my dollars into the hems of my trousers. Even the strict Soviet customs did not find them, so hopefully muggers would not, either. ;-)