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91. Posted by lily89 (Budding Member 50 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

i watched the Remake to the Wolfman last night, i really enjoyed it and had 16 minutes extra which was great

92. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 1090 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

The new Robin Hood......had nothing to do with the mythology of Robin Hood and is boring as shit. Don't waste your time....Though there is cache in picking out actors from other Russell Crowe movies..."Hey! He's from Mystery, Alaska!" And Canadians will enjoy picking out other Canadians in the show.

The angel movie, Legion....Is pretty much a remake of "Demon Knight"....and it's a long time waiting for the angel fight scene. Also, Lucas Black is like *an even lower rent* Sam Worthington.....Seriously. When did it become cool to hire an actor that had two looks--Stoic or really confused? Damn.

Avatar blows. Yes, nice scenery. Yes, it's cool that the floor lights up like the "Billie Jean" video. The story is ridiculous. And Sam Worthington CANNOT ACT! You watched Koyannasqatsi with actors. And the big plan by the blue guys in the end? Really? Akin to Dan Akroyd's "Get her!" from Ghostbusters....Jesus.

"The Road" one grim assed movie. Pretty much two hours of misery. Viggo Mortensen goes to full bleak mode, and the kid is just as naive and bland as a kid who was born and raised after the Apocalypse would be. There is no happy moment in this show, but I loved it. Lot of cameos too.

Alice in Wonderland was great....and they picked an interesting Alice....And John Depp had a good turn as the Mad Hatter. Man, am I tired of Helena Bonham Carter, though. I wish Tim Burton would get back with Lisa Marie, who had the good sense not to chew the scenery. Every movie, damn.

93. Posted by loubylou (Respected Member 664 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Say what you really think Piecar!

Recently watched films:

Up - amazing, I thought it would be just another Pixar but it really moved me and a great film for kids to watch to teach them about responsibility, respect, love, life and death. Absolutely LOVED the dogs in it - squirrel!

The Green Zone - enjoyed this just as much as the Hurt Locker but for different reasons and it made us think if things like what happened in the film will come out in years to come about the Iraq War. Really glad Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon did the 'trade-off' of another Bourne film for this one.

Hot Tub Time Machine - fluff and comedy but the some of 80's moments were funny! Stupid and unbelievable but funny in parts.

It's Complicated - we really liked this film. It was really sweet and made a change to see a love story which centred around an older couple. Although Steve Martin looks all weird and rubbery (too much plastic surgery or botox?), Alec Baldwin naked is something I haven't been able to forget yet (not enough time has passed!)

Kick Ass - enjoyed this one too, especially the soundtrack by John Murphy...that man is a genius! Clever and funny writing.

The Back-Up Plan - normally I really don't like Jennifer Lopez but this film had both of us crying with laughter, especially at the water birth scene.

94. Posted by confidence (Inactive 5 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

film watched just now: the edge of darkness

95. Posted by lily89 (Budding Member 50 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Quoting confidence

film watched just now: the edge of darkness

not too bad of film,
i watched Get Him to the Greek redcently i rally like it, fun movie

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