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As part of my RTW trip I was thinking of speanding some time in China, what would be the best way to travel and what would the costs be as well as the time you think I would need?

I was thinking of flying into Beijing then making my way to Xi'an to Hong Kong to Nanning and finally Hanoi. Would this be a difficult route to travel? And is China safe as I will be on my own. Also can you get a Vietnamese visa in China?

Any help would be great.


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Hi, Philuk,
you can get a Vietnamese visa in Nanning, all you need is your passport and your identity card.
You need not worried, although you are alone, you can easily get help.
I am in Nannning now and if you have anything difficult. Feel free to contact me, I will be glad to help you.
Have a nice trip in China.

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If you go to Hong Kong and than back to China, don't forget that you will need a double entry on your visa, as Hong Kong gives you a different one and the China one is gone. I have no clue though if it is easy to get a new one there.
Travelling in China is not that difficult, they have a very good trainsystem. The distances can be quit big though...

I spend two months in China and still have a feeling I only saw a small part of the country as it is to big to cover in two months. But I think the places you will see will take not more than a month. I changed my plans all the time in china as you hear from people what is nice and as the distances are big, I tended to stay in little places in between the big ones. What cost you more time but is definately worth it! Don't take to short of time to be in China, there are some wonderful places that are not in your list that are worth checking out.

I never felt more save in a country than in China, so don't worry about beeing on your own.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Getting a Vietnamese visa in Hong Kong is really easy at the embassy there. You can get them in Nanning, but you tend to be charged a chunk more and it can take a few days. We tried it earlier this year, but it ended up being too much hassle (I had already got mine in HK) and was going to cost a fair chunk of cash, so we went to Kunming. Kunming is really easy, as the embassy agent is right next to the Camelia Hotel (where one of the main hostels is), and you can drop it off whilst visiting Lijiang and/or Dali [remembering to take photocopies etc]. You can also allegedly get one in Guangdong.

Note that Vietnamese visas last a month, But you have to specifiy dates on them, and if you enter after that date, you have less time. You can get 1x 1 month extnsions easily in most places in Vietnam though for a few dollars if you start to run out.

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