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1. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

The best time as in wheather, accomodation/transportation availibility & prices, special events, etc. I am interested to go to Greece (the islands), Italy,... (others...still don't know yet. any suggestion?) Can anyone give suggestions or share experiences?

2. Posted by Sax (Full Member 14 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Depend, but I think that in our summer it's better for move without problem, so from july to september is qiute good.

About accomodation and trasportation you can search on web it's full of site that can help you, I've done a tour two years ago using the web information.

Let me know exactly where do u wonna go, I can help u, i was been i France, Holland, Spain and i live in Italy...so I could have some info 4 u.


3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

it really depends what u like to do.
If u like overcrowded beaches and intolerable Mediteranean heat - then july and august is great for u. But i hate traveling in the summer...ill never do it again. too many tourists - high prices - and its HOT! Damn HOT.

I only travel now in September - October - maybe August in Northern Euro climates.

Sept-Oct you get less tourists and American cheerleaders on College break. And far easier to get accomodations as well. And in Italy and Greece youll still have nice beach weather.

- J

4. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks guys. It seems that September is the best. How much deg.Celcius is the average temperature during the month? October might be too cold for a tropical person like me.

About where, in Greece I want to see Athens, Santorini...what do you think about Syros & Sifnos? I like white sand beach, not crowded but not too quiet, & where I can snorkel too (how much to rent snorkel?). I also want to see temples..Parthenon Acropolis, where else should I go? I also read that there is Hellenic Festival from mid-June to late September, where can I see it?

In Italy I want to see Pompeii, Venice, Pisa. I heard of Cinque Terre, what's with the places?

I'm also thinking about Spain but don't know yet what to see. Alhambra?

In summary, I want to see things historical & cultural, beautiful nature and also people. Want to relax having some drink at a cafe, outdoor or open-air, with a view to the open sea. What about Capri, where is it?

Feel free to suggest me other places I may not know that I can reach within budget.

5. Posted by polinberz (Full Member 15 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Depends on which countries you're going to visit. Germany, Switzerland and Austria in summer is generally nice, not too humid, nor hot. But you're more interested in southern part of Europe, such as Italy, France etc, you better make your trip in September

6. Posted by Sax (Full Member 14 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

About Capri, it's an island near Napoli easy to reach via ferry.

The Cinque Terra is in the Liguria Region, they are 5 little beautiful town in the LaSpezia province, more easy to reach by Rail.

7. Posted by BasiaAlm (Full Member 61 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

The problem with travelling in Europe is that a) in most places it is cold or rainy - or both outside of the few summer months b) even poor Europeans are - thanks to mass charter tourism and general income levels - affluent enough to take at least a few weeks of vacations (and most Europeans have 4-6 weeks of vacations per year) and most of them take vacations during the summer - North Europeans in July and southEuropeans in August, due to childrens vacations and the weather, so all places are so inceridibly crowded in those months and most prices - especially for accommodations - are double or tripple.

So, yes, taking into account that you are a tropical person, August will be fine for you if you like Northern Europe (though in Northern Norway it may snow already at the second part of August), but you'll have to remember that it will be much colder than Indonesia, so wear jeans and a sweater - sometimes all day long, but probably always in the mornings and evenings. In Grece, Italy etc it is very warm in September by European standards, and you might be happy in a summer dress many a day, but, again, you'll need those jeans and a sweater and also a raincoat. Have a great trip.

8. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Everyone, thanks for the tips! And BasiaAlm, for considering my being a tropical person... ;) I don't want to freeze there and ruin my trip. I will hopefully go in mid-May, as I can't go this September until next March due to work. (and I heard April is still cold.) What do you think about mid-May?

So far these are the places I want to see:
Greece: Athens, Santorini, ... any other suggestion? I want to see at least one more island with beautiful beach.
Italy: Pisa, Venice, Rome, Pompeii; probably Capri, Cinque Terre. ...What's in Naples & Florence & Milan?
Spain: Alhambra? What else?

I guess I will also go to London and Belgium (& probably Germany) to visit cousin & friend. What's the best (& cheapest) way to go those places and then to southern Europe? By air or train?

Any help and suggestion you can provide will be useful to me.

9. Posted by BasiaAlm (Full Member 61 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi, zags, I forgot whether Indosia uses Celsius or Fahreinheit, so here comes in both. In Greece and Italy the temperature in mid May should range from mid 70s to mid 80s F (around mid 20s Celsius) during the day. In london and Belgium a lot cooler! There are cheap charter flights from London anywhere to Europe (like Ryan Air, Easy Jet etc) n so the cheapest option would probably be to fly to London, then may be take a train through the chunnel to Paris and Belgium and then go to Italy and from there you can take a ferry to Greece - both fun and inexpensive.

10. Posted by BasiaAlm (Full Member 61 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

What's in Naples? Maddening crowds, plenty of architecture - I loved their gardens with majolica columns, pizza (that;s where this dish originated and an original, 1st in the world pizza place is still there. But that's by far not all: in the Bay of Naples are some famous islands: romantic Capri (I, like many Europeans, had my honeymoon there long time ago and the Swedish authorities allowed us to stay in the world famous Villa San Michele, Axel Munthe's former home - it was a treat!) and health-oriented Ischia. On Capri there is a famous Blue Grotto, and Costiera Amalfitana (the Amalfi coast) is one of the most fabulous coasts in the whole Italy! Between Neapel and Sorrento is Vesuvius and, of course, Pompei and a bit south of Salerno is Paestum.