drive through mexico to costa rica to surf and live

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Hello all interested...
I'm 19, just finished my first year of college and considering getting commercial pilots liscense instead of a degree. I surf, rock climb, backpack, (plenty of other hobbies) and love to travel on a low budget while staying clean, going to great parties, meeting great people, and most of all surf and climb. Costa Rica has all of those to offer.

My plan is to drive down to costa rica from here in jackson, wyoming where i've been living for the past month climbing and working on a hot air baloon chase crew. Driving down the mexico pacific coast will be an amazing oppurtunity to surf and see the culture of mex. After our non-rushed trip to costa rica...I plan on finding a place(apartment most likely) in costa rica that is near the coast and in a friendly area(probably southern costa)....the rest will be a matter of what comes our way.

Im looking for males or females or both who can handle living in a tent and out of the back of a van for a while until we find a place to live for farely cheap. Also, im really looking for a people who are into adventure traveling (surfing, writing, photographing, climbing, whatever). I dont care if your from another country as long as your friendly, love to laugh and live a great life.

email if interested in learning more about me or about the trip details. Im up for suggestions too!!
Hopefully ill here from some of you,


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Wow, that sounds fantastic!!! :)I am very eager to travel to South America, especially Mexico! Have you saved up loads of cash for it? I've been planning to go travelling for a while now, was gonna go round Europe in the autumn but now I think I may want to go further afield. How long do you plan to travel for??


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Hi Helen
Sorry it took so long to reply...
I plan on leaving in september or late august and staying until december.

Right now im working on a hot air balloon crew to save money for the trip. Im planning to go with $2500 which i figure should get me around and even an apartment for 4months.

Email me if your interested....!

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Before you set on this trip I would suggest that you check a discussion on Costa Rica discussion forum about the perils of such an undertaking.
There have been very few people who tried and those that succeeded give invaluable infos. As I remember the trip is VERY dangerous, takes - at best - two weeks, due to bad roads, all possible delays and bvureaucratic nightmares. One person who has done it gave info about what types of travel documents - some quite unusual - are required by various border officials, how many copies of each - it might take two hours to two days to go to the nearest place to get the copies and back to the border, etc. Other mentioned it would not seem feasible to even attempt it withyout being fluent in Spanish, etc. etc. Besides being dangerous, this trip is also going to be far more expensive than simply shipping the car to CR from Florida, which costs around $600, if you do want to have a car there, since poublic transportation there is dirt cheap and plentiful.