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Hi, I'm new to this forum! I'm planning on a serious trip in March. I intend to travel these countries:-


I'm thinking around six months give or take a month. I realise Japan will be exspensive so I'm only going to stay for a couple of weeks and subsidise the exspensive by staying in Cambodia for a while. Overall though, I've no real idea how much money I will need. Any suggestions? I've heard of some people traveling the world for a year on two or three thousand GBP... I'm planning on taking 4,000 GPB - Is this too much? Any ideas much appreciated.

Best Regards.

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A realistic budget for one person may not be accurate for another. In VN, Cam. Laos, Thailand, Malaysia you can usually find a room for under $10, food for the day under $5. This is basic level, dorm or fan room, eating where locals eat or BP restaurants. This puts your room/food budget at roughly $400/month. Now add your transport costs, tours and addmission fees to the attractions and you have a basic budget. Realistic budget for the cheaper countries is roughly $600/month, more for Japan, Korea. Your 4,000 GBP should be enough for 5-6 months. Good Luck.

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Hi, Lost,
You have such a long trip, Surely you it is necessary for you to have a budget.
Si here I will list what you may spend in China.
You know in China, the cost was not very high.
But it is also different among the cities. For some mordern cities, Beijing, Shahnghai, Gunagzhou, the cost maybe a little high, but in some other west cities, also natural cities, in Guilin, Lijiang, Kunming, Chengdu, the cost may comparatively low.
I am working in a west city. So for the transportion fees, It will take 1.2RMB for taking the bus, and the deposit fees 7RMB for taking a taxi. 10RMBis enough for a big meal, and 100 RMB for a nice and comfortable accomodation.
I do not know which cities you will visit in China, but if you choose Guilin as one of your destination , I can give you some details bout the Budget.
Anyhow wish you a low cost and happy stay in China.

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I'm taking £3000 for a six month trip to India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. But I will be travelling with my bf, who is also taking £3000 so the cost of accomodation will hopefully be less.
I've read a few things that say a £3000 budget should be ok, if that fails I've always got my trusty credit card

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I spent about £2000 for 3 months in SE, but I think didn't really watch the pennies, so could have made it last longer if I was staying longer.

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I have been to the following countries in your list:

Cambodia (planning this dec)
Vietnam (planning this dec)

I can say that China and thailand is very cheap. If take a mixture of public transport and taxi (cab), stays in a backpackers' inn, dine in simple food centres, u'll likely to pass a day with about USD 25 (USD 5 for food, USD 8 for accomadation, USD 6 for transportation, USD 7 for misc).

For malaysia, KL is the most expensive. However, most other parts are reasonably cheap and u can live a day with about USD 35-45 comfortably.

For s.korea, the cost of living is comparable to australia, and some parts of western europe. A meal can be as high as USD 10, taxi is expensive and accomadation is expensive too. Most folks there cant understand english. But generally a nice place, great sceneries and nice temples.

For cambodia and vietnam, I heard cambodia is even cheaper than china and thailand and vietnam (ho chi minh and hanoi) is slightly more expensive than china and thailand.

In cambodia, a normal t-shirt cost only USD 1 (after bargaining).

In all these countries (except s.korea), bargaining is not just a norm, but a MUST. Actual market prices is just about 30-60% of what i quoted in the streets. Unless u are shopping in departmental stores.

I would suggest u pay a visit to singapore (good for shopping for electronic goods, very good food, safe, modern island-city) and bali (v nice beaches, v nice people) too. Perhaps even burma (if u're interested in temples)

In japan, although the things are very expensive (comparable to oslo, london or perhaps even more expensive than them), its very value for money. The japanese are extremely professional and honest people. Their goods and service are definately worth the money they asked for. The comments i heard from the people that went there is that the country is like a world on its own. Its culture, work ethnic, way of living is very unique and u can expect the best of everything from there. The only problem is that most japanese cant understand english.

hope that helps.

Koon Po

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Thanks for your time, that's very helpful!