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I'm going to be travelling up the east coast of Australia from Jan - March 07 by bus and was wondering if anyone had an experiences (good or bad) with the above companies... Or if you can suggest any more...

Many thanks


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hi, i was just about to ask the same question. heading around the same time of year aswell. i would say that the greyhound would be cheaper but oz experience would be better craic with more packackers on it.

what route are you planning?

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Just got off the greyhound at brisbane...it's always on time and very good if you wanna sleep......you sometimes get a movie on the long trips as well...
really good up to now and i've been on it since carins.
have fun

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I'll second that in regards to Greyhound buses in Australia, I have travelled on them around 10 times so far, all trips were on time or close to, no issues so far. Although cheap flights might be an option also for longer hops. No experience with Oz Experience so can't comment, haven't heard any horror stories either tho.

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I used Premier Motor Coaches. They are cheaper than greyhound, but do not offer as many services each day. Sometimes its perfect like the over-nighter from Hervey bay to Airlie Beach. Other times its quite annoying when you lose a whole day by being on the bus.

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Hi Lucia

It really depends on how you are travelling, if you are travelling solo well then I would advise Oz Experience as you will meet like minded travellers easily. Greyhound is cheaper but works well if you are travelling with someone.

Have Fun

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I have travelled Greyhound and they are fantastic because you can get on and off wherever and whenever you like (if you get one of those travel tickets which last over a month). I think Oz Experience are more 'tour buses' style with structured itineraries, so if you want more freedom, go with Greyhound. You
also find yourself meeting people who are getting on and off at the same destinations as you as everyone is generally going all the same places!

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Hi Lucia,

I think it really depends on what type of person you are. I personally travelled on Greyhound and met loads of people going in the same direction, generally hostels will pick you up from the bus station so you don't even have to carry your bag around with you (who says we aren't 'real' backpackers eh?) However if you think that you'll be pretty nevous meeting new people on a place by place basis (although again, you often meet people who are heading in the same direction at the same time..) the go Oz Experience. I met loads of people who did it and got mixed reports, on one hand, alot of activities are included, theres a good structure, you travel with a big bunch of people and if you like that sort of thing theres a big emphasis on boozy nights,but on the other, for example, if you are sat enjoying the beaches of Magnetic Island then you may find your tour guy trying to force you leave as you have to go sea kayaking now...


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Iam going through same issue!! I have almost decided on oz tours and thinking of doing the knobs & bells clockwise from the start of february07. This is best due to weather. I have looked at greyhound but dontthink I will see as much,although cheaper. Also as Iam travelling solo I feel oz maybe slightly safer with bues being smaller, you get to know everyone and it can get into national parks - so suppose its more orgainised. The only thing putting me off slightly is that I am 34 and i read a report it is full of under 20's doing non stop partying(not that I mind a party)but hope to meet some people my age also. The good thing is you will get to see lots of stuff off the beaten track with oz

I have priced up doing things individually which is cheaper but have had trouble pricing up going from Adelaide to Ayres rock and onto Carins.

When are you going out again? I am meeting a friend in sydney on 3rd Feb hoping to stay at railway station YHA.