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1. Posted by viper61 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

So thinking of travelling to NY for a week over new years, just me and a mate. We're bored of England and can get flights cheap (mate's dad has THOUSANDS of air miles!).

We'd just need a place to stay for a week or maybe less. So thinking hotel.

New to this forum so just after info really on places to go and things to see etc. Probably do all the touristy stuff. Any good places to go for new years itself. I guess Times Square is the cliche option but sounds good :)

Any info in genral would be great. Guess it'd be freezing too?

Cheers all!


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Hey Rob,

I went to NYC last winter and it was a great time. I came back just before New Year so I can't give you advice about that. As for the weather, it was usually just under freezing during the day, not really too bad at all. A peacoat and cotton gloves were enough to keep me warm. You'd probably like to go to the Rockefeller Center and see the tree and the ice skaters. All the big stores have pretty intricate Christmas displays in the windows, which I enjoyed (that might be a girl thing tho). The place I ate that I remember as having the best food is the café at the Scandinavia House. I don't know if you like that kind of food, but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone, just to give it a try. It's not very expensive and all the food was fresh and very good. I remember loving the soups and the gravlax. There's also a shop above it with good candy, warm clothes, and trendy imports from Finland - And I'd guess they'll be having a sale right after Christmas.

PS- I liked the food at that one place so I took a picture of one of my meals.

Winter decorations I came across when just wandering around (the very best way to see the city of course)

Happy travels!
Mara from California

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While New York City can be a fantastic place over the New Year holidays, plan on significant crowds almost anywhere you may go. It is also an expensive time of year in the City as holiday rates for hotels and prices for consumables escalate over normal. Plan on dressing warmly and be pleasantly surprised if the weather warms to the 60's or 70's (F). As for planning on spending New Year's Eve in Times Square, unless you really enjoy crowds and all the negatives associated with them, I would recommend spending the evening in a warm bistro filled with good cheer. Watch Dick Clark on T.V. if you really want a good view of the falling ball. Have fun.


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Keep that advice in mind regarding New Years Eve at Times Square!

A real great deal in Time's Square, however, is the chance to see a Broadway show for half price! If you go to the ticket agency (after 12pm, I think) the tickets for that nights show are half off, and you'd be surprised at some of the deals you can get! NOT for New's Years Eve, though........

Personally I stay out near Central Park West when we've gone, and hoof it back to Time's Square of I want to go... It's a walk but not to bad.


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my friends and i have been to NY for new years for the last 2 years in a row. the weather has been cold, but no snow either time, just a bit of rain. it will be really expensive to find a hotel that time of year, so hopefully you ahve the cash (a few hundred a night for even a crappy one). we actually stayed at the courtyard marriot in jersey city. people laugh, but i wouldnt have it any other way. it was much cheaper, and a nice hotel with a computer with free internet. also, it was right next door to a path train which was only a 15 minute ride pretty much anywhere in the city. its also across the street from a mall, so if you dont feel like going into the city for a meal, just go to the food court.

as for your new years celebration, i would suggest staying out of times square. its so crowded and over-rated, and once youre in, you cant leave to go to the bathroom or anything. find a fun club or bar to hang out at. my friends and i went to this bar called "LIT" on 2nd street. its kind of an indie/rocker place, so im not sure what kinna thing you n your friend are into. ludlow street is a strip of different bars that are fun as well. of course you have to go to little italy to be a typical tourist, plus they make it all festive for christmas. i would also go to the metropolitan museum of art if youre into that sort of stuff. greenwich village is a pretty cool area of the city. we hung out there a lot. cabs are cheap and the city is small, so transportation isnt very costly. make sure you get a good map cuz you can pretty much walk lots of palces as long as you know where youre going..OH! if you like chinese food, you HAVE to go to the dumpling house in china town. from the outside you wouldnt know how amazing it is, but its the best.

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If you have your heart set on seeing the ball drop, I suggest doing that - but if you do not, there are many other ways to enjoy the city on NYE.

I suggest a good pub crawl through out the east and west village. NYE is a very friendly time, and it's when most new yorks will take the time to celebrate with you.

An excellent pub to celebrate at is McSorleys, take the local subway to Aster Place, and walk to 7th ave (7th and 2nd). You ask for a dark or a light, and w. either you get two dark beers or two light beers (saw dust on the floor, and a bunch of mid twenty to thirthy somethings are hanging out).

Also, NYE is an excellent time to hear some live music - I suggest after midnight, you can swing over to the Blue Note and/or Fez under Time Cafe ( - to see more clubs)and check out some live music.

For Time Square will be filled with people - crowded all looking up to see a ball drop. It's too cold to do that. And honestly, if you need to use the restroom, you will not have the luxery of having one on hand (and you'll honestly freeze yourself, if you don't dress warm).

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