Cebu Pacific or Tiger Airways?

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How to get from Southern China to Manila?

The internet features quite cheap flights wtih Cebu Pacific from Hong Kong and Tiger Airwaysa from Macau. Cathay and similar regular carriers are much more expensive.

I do not know anything about either Cebu or Tiger, but personally find the name of a location more appealing than the name of an animal.

However, if Tiger's record is much better than Cebu's I'll go with them. Any advice?

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I don`t know about Cebu but Tiger Airways is quite a new budget airline from Singapore.I have taken Tiger airways to parts of Thailand.Don`t know the route from Macau to Manila though.

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Hi There

Tiger do a flight from Macau to Manila, they also even fly to into Darwin from Asia


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Hi, it depends on where you want to go.

Tiger Airways flies into Clark airport, which is a couple of hours north of Metro Manila. Good if you're exploring the northern regions, but otherwise not very convenient.

Cebu Pacific flies to the international airport in the city of Manila (and they may do some flights to Cebu City as well, depending on where you board), so they will generally be a better choice for most travellers.

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Tiger is nice for the price, sorry i have not flown with Cebu Pacific.

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I have booked 2 air-tickets from the Cebu Pacific Airway about 2 months ago, to fly from Manila to Hong Kong during December this year. However, I realised that there was a mistake in the passengers' names I have entered, after I have confirmed the bookings on their official website. Because of that, I called up the Cebu Pacific Airway later to ammend the mistakes. However, the customer service officer said that I am not allowed to change the details which have already been confirmed in the bookings. My only option available was to cancel both of my tickets and to ask for a refund.

At first, I felt peculiar by the instructions given, as it seemed that other budget airlines such as Tiger Airway, does allow passengers to change the details which have been erroneously submitted. Nonetheless, I proceeded with the cancellation of my tickets, and was told only afterwards, that my refund will be automatically debited back to be credit card within 45 days. I requested for a confirmation email to be sent to me as a proof. However, no confirmation email was sent to confirm that my tickets have been cancelled. I was merely given a tracking number by the customer service officer for following up. He promised that the money will be refunded within a 45-days period. However, the 45 days period is already over for a long time by now.

I have called Cebu Pacific Airway about 5 times to follow up with the tracking number. Let alone that I have to wait each time for about 20 minutes before someone answered the call, their customer officers were not able to disclose or provide any information on the progress in the processing of my refund. The 2 tickets amounted to about S$600. As I am not able to turn to anyone for help, I have emailed their accounting department but there were no replies. My last resort was to search the internet for information on people facing similar situations as me. To my horror, I have found several different cases that mentioned how Cebu Pacific Airway has not refund their passengers money, after they have cancelled their bookings.

Since Cebu Pacific Airway is not a Singapore-based airline, as a customer, will my customer's right be protected in such a situation? Will there be any local governmental bodies and agencies that I can turn to for help? What actions can I take to ensure that I will get back my refund? I would also suggest that more information will be provided by the Singapore customers' rights protection groups on how to deal with such problems for people who may face similar situations as me in the future

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Cebu Pacific will be flying to Macau, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai, THIS MONTH... october.

Tiger Airlines will take you to CLARK, Pampanga from Macau. Air Asia also lands in Clark.

Cebu Pac. will take you to Manila.

The price will depend when you buy them... so just check all their websites.

I took Cebu Pac to HK from Manila.