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I've just finished teaching in China, and about to take a holiday, starting with an overland trip between Kunming and Hanoi.

I haven't tried to change RMB into US dollars or V-dong yet (as I'm in a backwater where the banks aren't used to international transactions). I plan to change money when I get to Kunming.

What are the problems with taking money out of China?

1. Changing money.

I've read that you need to keep receipts from when you changed overseas currency into RMB. And you can only change money back if you have a receipt! But I never changed money. I earned my RMB in China. Can I change it into a foreign currency?

2. Taking money out

I've read that I can take the equivalent of 5000USD out in foreign currency. (plus 6000RMB). Then I read somewhere else that I can take out what I declared when I came in. I didn't declare anything. If it's less than 5000USD, you don't have to declare anything. Does this mean that I can't take out anything? - or I can take out up to 5000USD?

I've just found out that Chinese banks can issue Travel Visa cards - I may have left it too late, but I'm going to apply for one today.

Is there anywhere in Kunming where I can buy US Dollar travellers cheques? American Express office?

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you can change money in any China Bank, and for Travel Visa cards you can easily apply for it, that is easy.
You need not worry about so much, just enjoy your trip.