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So I plan to move to Europe, work there and then use my home as a base for the backpacking trips abroad.

What I am having trouble figuring out is where to move? I don't speak any foreign languages fluently and I have never lived in Europe before. I have traveled there, but never lived.

If anyone out there has any advice/info/anything about Sweden, or Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands...I'd love to hear it.

Anyone have any opinions on how hard it is to obtain employment there, or better yet, experience living and working in those countries and some advice they could offer???


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Have you secured the right to work in Europe?

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I have contacted several embassies and consulates of European countries. There are many different work programs that the Canadian government has esablished with contries in Europe. I'm only applying for one at a time though, as one doesn't get their application fee refunded if they are rejected. Most of these programs only accept so many people per anum, like 100 Canadians. So if I am unable to obtain one of these more specialized work permits I will apply for the Commonwealth working holiday visa that would let me live in the U.K. for up to two years with no more than 1 year of employment.

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Just out of curiousity would this organization your going under called SWAP? I'm doing the same thing this February - August and I've also been researching and having troubles of where to live in England. The ones that are on my list are Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge or Bath.