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Hello there,

Due to an impending redundancy I have decided to throw caution to the wind and undertake a six month trip from North to South Africa. Possibly Cairo to Cape town. The trouble is I know nothing about the continent other than its vast and beautiful place teeming with wildlife. I was looking for suggestions on intineries. I'm heading for six months on my own with a good budget . I'm a fairly seasoned traveller, fit, but have never travelled in Africa before. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. My main interests are trekking wildlife historically sites and of course, enjoying the local beer.

Many thanks in advance.

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A nice itinerary for that could be; Egypt, Ethiopia perhaps, exploring those countries and then flying off to Eastern Africa/Uganda and driving along from there. Either take a tour through those countries as it can be hard to navigate, or get a 4x4. And for the rest of Southern Africa it is definetly recommendable to make a self-drive safari, and explore the wildlife yourself.

It sounds you would enjoy travelling with a 4x4, so it is worth looking into either buying one or getting a buyback/hire. It depends if you want to drive all the way with one, or alternatively you could get one in East Africa and fly from Egypt.

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I too am planning a similar mission for next year only i'll be going in the opposite direction to you and will be leaving from SA travelling to Kenya and beyond. One of the nicest yet a fair bit more adventurous routes down could be through Ethiopia, into Kenya then down into Tanzania and head either west or east, the former taking you to lake Tanganyika, the latter will take you to Dar and Zanzibar. From Tanganyika you could head down to Mbeya (close to the border with Malawi and then follow lake Malawi down to its southern reaches and cross over into Mozambique. If heading to Dar/ Zanzibar you could then head south and cross one of the most adventurous borders in Africa that of Tanzania and Northern Mozambique. From here you could head South and follow the Mozambiquean coast, cross the Zambezi river and carry on down till you reach Maputo which is only 5 hours from Johannesburg. This option is fairly heavy going and the roads are often non-existant (esp N of the Zambezi) but you will see lots of history, beach and beautiful pp. For a much easier option you could head from Tanzania ( the Tanganyika route) into Zambia and then into Botswana and finally into South Africa. This is a well travelled route and has many good safaris etc (esp in Botswana).

Hope this helps

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Many thanks for your help and apoligies for not repling earlier. I forgot to subscibe so I though noone had replied. My trips been cut short now so its just going to be a month in the east africa area. Have possted a request for help based on that.

Thanks again for your responses. Much appreciated