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Well, I have just booked a hotel in Malaysia through internet booking with a so called famous travel agency in Singapore. As there is a date change for the booking, I have called the agent 3 days before the original confirmed date and no body answer the phone call yet i email to informed at the same time. There is no response at all from the agent and at the end, the hotel has charged me for the full payment for the total rooms booked (2 rooms for 2 nights) which costs me RM4100++ with the status ''guest not shown.'' Which means that I never step into that particular hotel! When I called up the agent again, they will just answer they did not receive the email, when they read the mail, the hotel already charged to my credit card and there is nothing they can do for us. So in this case, who should take the responsibility? Could anyone tell me that this is consistent internet booking process?? What can I do to


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To be honest, I think theres very little you can do to get your money back. I would reccomend writing a formal letter (always better than emails, which can easily go amiss) - send it recorded delivery, so they cant deny they recieved it. Send it to the owner or managing director if possible.

Include as much detail (including the email you sent if possible), dates and times of phone calls made, names of people you spoke to etc. Inform them that you plan to write to Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and any other guide books or websites you know of to warn other travellers not to stay at the hotel. Inform them if you do not recieve a refund, you will be issuing Court Precedings.

This worked for me when a similiar thing happened in a hotel in Amsterdam, it may help in this case.

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Can you give me all the details (a PM will be fine)...I am sure I can get things sorted out for you. :)


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Hello Frivjen

Unfortunately, when I have such experiences in life, I rarely get my money back.
If i was in your situation, i would ask your credit card company, to take back the payment made to the hotel. I think this may be possible, if u do it soon. I dont think the hotel will fight it. It would probably not be worth their while.