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i'm taking a trip to italy to visit a friend who's studying abroad in october. i'm considering sending film ahead of me to avoid x-ray machines and carrying a bunch of film on a plane. any suggestions? this is my first trip out of the us, so im a little unsure of what to expect.

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Why go into problem of spending extra money sending your film ahead. Are you sure that the post office won't x ray your film? I'm sure that a modern country such as Italy should have all the Kodak, the Fuji and even Agfa to fill all your photographic need!

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I had considered that too. I just wasn't sure how much more it would cost me there. I had considered ordering it online from B&H or some such place and just having it shipped. I have NO idea what to expect price wise when it comes to film. Thats why I posted here!

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I've never had a problem with the X-ray machines when travelling in Europe. I've gone to airports in Paris, London, Rome and Athens and it was all ok. (But I always kept it in my carry-on as opposed to my luggage). If you're really worried and don't want to buy film there (which is the same price, but if you purchase it closer to landmarks it's an arm and a leg), I believe can get protective cases at photography stores. There are some that claim to protect film from X-rays...although I've never used them so I can't really say for sure!

Katie ;)

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speeds 400and up will be fine going through the xray. Anything lower, make sure you tell those people working there, theyll cary it over.

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Part of my job entails installing security equipment at airports, including InVision CTX machines (X-Ray machines) and metal detectors and such.

The idea that airport CTX machines will destroy your film is largely a myth. A lot of factors have to come together to be just right... umm.. just wrong I guess for it to effect your film. My suggestion is to simply pack your film into your checked bags making sure to have it packed into any sort of camera case (it doesnt' need to be lead.. I would reccomend against lead actually as it arouses security suspision) Inside the camera case I would insure that my film roles were in plastic film containers.

This provides three layers of protection against the waves that are penetrating your bag. (1. the bag itself 2. the camera case 3. the plastic fim can) While these layers don't stop the waves entirely they do provide a fair bit of protection, significantly weakining the waves before they reach your film...

It is sort of like wearing all of your clothes and a winter parka when the DR. has you in for X-Rays. He can still get an x-ray, but it won't be very clear or detailed.. Anyways, if you are really worried about it you can also travel with a lead film can which will deaden all waves and keep them from penetrating your film at all, but if you use one of those expect your friend from the TSA to open your bag and rifle through all your stuff...

Sorry to be so long, hope this helped a little at least.

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bordo, you mean ASA 400 and down would be ok? 400 and up will be more sensitive, and therefore , would not be ok!

zenjenn, You could check with your friend in Italy ahead of time to see how expensive films are. If it not too much more than here in the US, it might save you all the hasles by buying films in Italy.

That's why I go digital. No hastle with xray at the airport, and plenty of photo stores will download your memory cards to CD your you!

Good luck!

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Italy is a beautiful country!


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Why bring any film?
Italy is a normal developed country, they sell film over there.