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Weighing whether to hustle and aim for February, or slow it down and head for June in TZ.

Can anybody comment of the merits of the two different months? Do the rains really make it harder to see wildlife? Etc etc...all tips welcome! Thanks

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Well if you want to see wildlife go for June as this is the best time, dry season and good to see wildlife. The bush is not too thick and many animals at water pools.

February is also possible, but the wet season does thicken the vegetation making it harder to spot animals. They are also less out and about.

But in Tanzania it also depends on the region. if you want more info take a look here, -snip- a good reference for weather in africa i always use.

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OK, now I'm confused: I thought rainy season started in March, which would imply that in February things would be dry, vegetation low. And then June, coming at end of rainy season, vegetation would be high, and wildlife harder to spot. I thought that's the way I'd read about it in other places....

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Zebo, you are right.
Rainy season is march to may, with october to december the small rainy season, but with no problems of travelling. Probably only around april there will be some travelling problems.

February is hot and dry, June less hot (comfortably warm) and mostly dry, but some showers are still possible in the beginning of June, it all depends when the rains begin.

I was there late June, early July and the weather was perfect, clear, some clouds, no rain att all and really nice temperatures of around 26/27 in the north which is at an altitude of about 1000 meters.
In Tarangire National Park there really is a big difference in seeing wildlife during february or june. In june the grass was like 2 meters high because of the rainy season which just ended several weeks before. Us was told that from august or september to march the grass is much lower. This was a little bit of a disappointment but the other parks like Serengeti and Lake Manyara were no problem. And Ngorongoro is always ok.

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I was there in Feb. Went to Serengeti, Manyara and Ngorongoro. Saw lots of wildlife without issue.

I've read that there are difference between rainy versus dry seasons, but that in both your get an excellent experience.


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I was there in June and the safari was great.I went to Serengeti,manyara and Tarangire and the weather was the best ever.In 2003 I was there in April still with the same company Abacus African Vacations and I realise that June was far better a month.Actually these guys at Abacus safaris advised me on my first visit and refused but now i agree entirely with them that June is better.
Check out on their site you will get weather updates