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Thanks for the information provided in the past.

As I did my research I concluded that I need to pay to have my camera with me at the Pyramids and Temples in addition to my own entrance cost. Is this correct?


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hey i think the question u r askin is still unclear. by takin the car u mean inside the pyramid or like take a pic from the outside. i didnt go inside as i dont think there is anythin to see and y waste a lot of money. i can offer u a tip try to go to the pyramids at giza from the back entrance i went on horse back and it was an experience and u can take your camera along they wont charge u and besides for a more than 2-3 hour vist u wud need to pay less than or around a 100 egp it depends as to how many ppl r there. u wud be goin in the main season so the rates could jack up. i feel one doesnt neeed to go with the trou companies. besides on horse back u can enjoy two or three full runs depends as to how much u pay the horse man like tell the person u wud compensate him and he will let u have an additional run . i paid 2 egp to that guy dont pay more than 5. besides the 100 u pay the person for the horse thingie it includes the entrance etc but u wont get an entrance ticket( thaz the way they work).
so i guess i answered ur queries. and u can go to the pyramids thru takin a bus i guess from near tahrir square it wud cost u less than 3 pounds thaz how much i recall.

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hı there,
ı just left egypt..was there for 1 month. no you dont need to pay extra for a camera to go to the pyramıds or any temples. ı was never asked and ı had a bıg camera slung around me, they do tend to charge an addıtıonal fee for vıdeo cams though plus u have to keep ın mınd some of the temples dont let u take pıcs (ı.e abu sımbel, valley of the kıngs, etc). ıf you have any other questıons let me know.


ps: sorry for the bad typıng ım stıll gettıng used to these turkısh keyboards :)

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I never paid to use my camera any where in Eqypt - even the Cairo museum where they adverise a fee. I would recommend taking it with you, I would have been devesated if I didn't just to save a couple of bucks.