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I'm gonna take the plunge and travel over to Oz next Feb, in time for the Mardi Gras. Am planning to stay there for year on a working visa and am travelling on my ownsome lonesome - eeek!

I've not done this type of thing before and although eveyone reckons I'll be fine on my own, making friends and stuff, I'm looking at a number of programmes to go with, group flights, arranged visa - there's quite a few out there and I'm getting a bit confused as to which ones are the best and good value for money.

Has anyone travelled from UK with BUNAC, Work & Travel, CIEE or CCUSA programmes?? I'm 25 and dont really want to be travelling with a load of 18 yr old gap year students...

Any comments and advice welcome.... its a minefield out there!

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Hi Noamski,

Well, like everyone says, you'll be fine even if you do go on your own :)

The organizations that offer group departures do have some obvious benefits though and are not always overly expensive when you consider costs of 'doing it yourself'.

I've never travelled with BUNAC or the others but am very familiar with BUNAC from working for their Australian counterpart for a year. I'd say the mix was pretty good, around 21-22 on average and that applies across the board. I am sure if you give the organizations a call they'd be able to tell you roughly the ages they dealt with.

One thing I noticed in the groups is that everyone finds their own smaller groups quite quickly, either in the arrival group or with any of the other groups that arrive from different countries. Those usually tend to be based on age more and so you'd have no trouble finding others in the same age. This of course would also apply without using an organization, but initial contact could be harder (depending on the kind of person you are etc). You'll also notice that the Scandinavians travelling tend to be a little older, whereas the Dutch are more like the Uk travellers and a large part is younger.




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I will be using the Work & Travel Company when I arrive in 11 days!!!
However I am 19, the ones your scared of! Only joking!
But they seem pretty good and it seems that people of all ages travel and 25 is not old anyway! Don't think you have anything to worry about!
Hope it all works out for you!