Getting really worried about the money situation!!!!!

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Hay guys.

My boyfriend and I are going to Thailand then on to Austraila in FEB. We only decided to do this about three months ago and now i am starting to get worried about our money situation.

We have paid for our flights. We have paid for all our accomodation in Thailand and i have £3600 put away for accomodation in Australia. We are going to Thailand for one month then on to Sydney(1 month) Melbourne(1 month)Adelaide(1 week)- i have paid the £100 train fare. Then to Cairns for 1 month. I am not too keen on staying in groty hostels so have picked the nices, air con, ensuite rooms so its kind of cost us a bit extra.

Anyway. We have still to arrange visas/travel insurance and buy our backpacks which all adds up.

We also have £6000 for spending while away. We dont have working visas as we dont want to work while away.

I am supposed to be saving £300 a month but things alway come up.

Can you tell me if £6k will be enough?? Also howo much do u think we will need for spending(hotels already accounted for)in thailand for the month??


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6K should be plenty, My Girlfriend and I spent 7K on a whole year trip (six months in Australia, though we did work a little).

The hotels might eat into your budget a lot though, and it depends what else youll be doing while your there - Cairns is a small place to spend a month without working, unless your doing extensive diving courses.

Sydney is very expensive compared to everywhere else and youll find that hotels there will be significantly more than elsewhere.

If you can find another two people (preferbly a couple) to travel with you can stay in really nice places for the same cost as a youth hostel - just hire family rooms in hotels or cabins on campsites - they typically cost $100 and sleep 4 or 5 people. Theyre nice too - not grotty at all.

Also - instead of hotels in the cities - rent an appartment. In Melbourne go to St Kilda and look in shop windows and free magazines 'British Balls' and 'TNT'.
They have advertisements for short-term appartments with no bond and no bills - you just pay by the week. rates range from $80 (fairly grubby) to $145 (really nice), but rates go up in the high season. There are similiar places in Sydney im sure.

Something else you might consider is renting a campervan, though if youve already booked your buses and trains, it might work out to expensive.

Dont worry 6K is more money than most people have for this trip.

As for Thailand - you can live like a king for £15 a day, except on the islands where its a little more expensive.

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Hi there.

I have already booked our accomodation in Australia and worked out it costs about £3500, which we already have in a separtae account to pay. We have the £6000 in another account for spending.

While we are going to Cairns for a month, 2 weeks of that will be spent in Port Douglas. Do u still think this will be too long a visit??

Do u think £500 will be enough for thailand?? We are spending 1 week in Bangkok, 2 weeks in Koh Chang island and a week in Koh Samet island.

While in Sydney we are spending two weeks at collaroy Beach on the outskirts so may this be cheper than spending the whole time in sydney centre or not?? and three weeks in Newtown sydney.


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If the entire £6000 is spending money, youve got absolutley nothing to worry about. Australia is set up for the budget backpacker, so youll have no problems whatsoever.
Unless you book loads of trips, eat posh meals every night or buy tons of expensive souveniers youll be grand.

There is stuff to do around Cairns and Port Douglas, but you might find youve left too much time there. If you enjoy lazing on the beach for days on end youll be fine though.

Its coming up to Stinger season I think (you might wanna check), which means you cant swim in the sea. Fishing is great in the area, but you need to watch out for crocs.

some things to do in Cairns -

Hire a 4 wheel Drive and explore Cape York.
Visit the Atherton Tablelands, Kuramba, lake Tinaroo (if your bf is into fishing), the lava tunnels and obviosuly the great barrier reef. theres a crocodile farm too. Go and see the Cain toad races in Port Douglas.

£500 for 4 weeks in Thailand leaves you only £18 or so between you a day. Given that your going fairly expensive places you might wanna re-think your budget. Course it depends on what your doing - partying on the islands quickly eats up cash, as do diving courses.

Is the £500 all spending money, or have you not paid for your accomodation yet? If its all spending money you might manage it ok.

Personally id siphone another 3 or 4 hundred quid off your Australian money for Thailand, I dont think youll need all that cash for Australia - of course it all depends on your spending habits.

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Hay there,

The £500 would be spending only. We have alreday paid all our accomodation as i booked everything over the internet and paid upfront.

We were think about just taking it easy in Cairns. We will be in Cairns mid May until the 9th June. Will the beaches still be shut off then?? We are hoping the weather will be ok too! Its our last month of the holiday so will will probably just want to chill.

Sydney we are hoping to do alaot of the tourity things, while in Melbourne and Adelaide just explore the cities.


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if I remember correctly, by arriving in may you might catch the end of the rainy season. - I think the Stingers are still hanging round too. I was there at the same time last year and the weather was atrocious - and I was camping. Mind you there had just been a massive cyclone that devastated the coast so that may have been responsible for the weather - You might get better luck than i did. The weather gets better when you leave the tropics, so Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide will be nice.

There was a stinger net in Port Douglas, and Cairns has this really nice Laggoon thing at the waterfront for swimming, so if the stingers are around you can still swim. + they only hang around the coast, so you can snorkel and dive at the barrier reef stinger free.

As a price guide to Thailand (the islands) your looking at about £3 for a meal, 80p a large beer, £2 to hire a motorbike for the day. Bangkoks a litte cheaper.

Make sure you dont miss Phillip Island in Melbourne - you sit on the beach and at 8pm every night thousands of Penguins storm the beach. Its like D-Dag with Penguins!

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Oh thanks for all the great info!! Its really helped me.

80p for a beer! SOunds good 2 me! hehe

I wil just keep my fingers crossed for good weather in cairns. We were initially going to Cairns in April but manages to put our flights back a month and visit Melbourne in April and cairns in May-June