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If u want a good beach you can always go to geelong beach thats reasonably close

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If you are also considering New Zealand, I would suggest Wellington. Capital city of NZ and it has beaches and walking galore. The public transport isn't as frequent as big cities but it's pretty compact and if you live centrally, like you want to, you can walk to a lot of the fun things anyway. That said, it's still easy enough to get around without a car - I did it for the 5 years I lived in Wellington!

It's a beautiful city and full of coffee shops and cafes, unique designer shops, theatres, great restaurants ...

Good luck!

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Thanks for your help, everybody, I'll be looking into the places you mentioned! :)

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Without getting into the battle of whether Sydney or Melbourne are the best places (we are all biased) don't forget to consider Sydney. Lots of travellers live in the Bondi / Coogee area which is only a stones throw from the city. The transport is good and you would certainly be close to all the things you want.

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at the risk of beeing booed out of the forum by all the other Australians i am going to sugest Adelaide. Adelaide is actually the arts capital of Australia (not melbourne as previously stated) It has a lovely beach (it can be a bit cold - but u r from canada so for u it would just be a bit fresh in winter) and it has a much friendlier atmosphere than sydney or melbourne. Adelaide also has more restaurants cafes and bars per capiter than any other city in Aus. Or why not perth or freemantle??? For a cities of it's size perth knows how to throw a party. I just think that sydney is really expensive for what you pay and melbourne is the ugliest city i have ever seen in my life (i lived there for 5 years and never thought much of it). i currently live in brisbane, i love brissy but it is definately not what u r looking for.

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You know, I hadn't even considered Adelaide yet, but now I'm going to. Thanks for the input!