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Hi guys...

I'm just starting to wrestle with planning my trip in South America, and some advice would be greatly appreciated!! I'm flying into Santiago in early march, and then travelling to Buenos Aires to work for a couple a weeks on a project there. So far so easy...from other threads it looks like there are good bus services and stuff connecting the two cities (was thinking of breaking the journey in mendoza for a few days, does anyone know anything about the wine festival there and if that'll mean rooms are overpriced? or have any better suggestions?)

Right, this is when it gets a bit tricky - I'm hoping to also go and volunteer on an organic farm in Ecuador, outside Guayaquil. I'm planning to travel overland to Guayaquil from Buenos Aires, but its a long way and I've no idea how long it will take/what the best route is etc etc. I know this is a "how long is a piece of string" question, but I thought I'd ask anyway! It's just that I need to give a the farm a definite arrival date to confirm everything, and at the moment I've absolutely no idea. Just to give you an idea of timescale, at the moment I'm booked to fly home at the end of may, but it's a flexible ticket so if you think I'm being daft in thinking I can fit it all in to three months I can extend my stay - money permitting!

So any info/ideas would be brilliant. And any suggestions for nice places to stop along the way. And if anyone fancies joining me for any bit of it along the way, that would probably chill me out about being a girl travelling alone!

Thank you! and sorry for asking ridiculously vague questions.....

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Vague as it is, the answer to your question has already been posted here; next time, search the forum before asking...

Guayaquil - BsAs is far, but definitely doable; I did it several times. Quickest is to take long-haul busses: Guayaquil-Lima-Antafagasto-Santiago de Chile-BsAs, but this option is not very attractive. Best break it down in much shorter legs, give you an opportunity to see smt of Peru and Bolivia (and Argentina) on the way down.


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Hey Stiltskin how are you?

Well myself and a friend are heading off to S America in February and we're planning to start the trip in Brazil and make our way down the east coast before heading across and up the west. Our plans are still pretty flexible as we haven't booked our flights yet. Where are you flying from? If you want some sort of idea about what we plan to do then feel free to ask :)

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Hi guys -
Please accept my apologies for being dense, I have searched the forums for "buenos aires to guayaquil" and the only results that come up are this thread and a warning for canadians going to ecuador. If anyone would be kind enough to tell me where the thread with details of this overland trip is, I would be very grateful!
Thank you for your patience,

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Hum... I could have sworn there was one; maybe it wasn't Guayaquil then, but somewhere near. Anyway, I searched and I couldn't find it, either.

Nonetheless, the your planned itinerary is common enough; there's loads of people travelling between Lima and BsAs, most of them include Machu Picchu, Titicaca, Uyuni and Salta in their route, but it all depends on how much time you have. If in a hurry, the itinerary suggested in my other post would probably be most efficient.

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Hi there!
You asked about the wine festival in Mendoza. It is called Fiesta de la Vendimia (Vendimia Harvest Festival) and is awesome. It lasts from January to April, but the best part of it is on the first week of March. It would be great if you could make it.
From santiago you have a few options to cross, but if you are brave I recommend the ride through Paso Piuquenes (horseback).
From Mendoza to Buenos Aires you can go non-stop, but if you'd like to visit places in between you can spend a few days in Cordoba or Rosario.
As regards getting to Guayaquil, there is a service that takes you there, it takes about 6 days, check a web site called

You can also check with "Crucero del Norte" o "Flechabus", 2 very good bus companies in Argentina, travel north to Salta for example, then pay a visit to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, choose a city in Bolivia (could be Sucre) and Perú (many options), and finally head towards Guayaquil.
Well, the answer turned out to be about as "vague" as your question. I hope it helped, though!

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Thanks Tonya!
That's really helpful, and knowing about the buses has really chilled me out! While it's highly unlikely that I'd ever want to do the trip from BA to Guayaquil in 6 days non-stop it's good to know that it's possible!! Thank you :)

Where can I find out about the horseback trip to mendoza?? It sounds fantastic!


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Hi Jess
You made me laugh! It's NOT a non-stop journey! Anyway, better to do it with different buses, look up for the best companies in each country.
Search the key words "paso piuquenes" and you'll find some photos and reviews on Andes crossing, it's great if you can do it!
Buena suerte!

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HI Stiltskin
Sorry about the class bully telling you to " Search the forum next time! " I am a fellow Brit and we believe in being more polite you just ASK away...without a long non existant search result... and those of us travel helpers who can help WILL and Gladly need to apologise hon ...
Cheers from a Scouse helper living in Costa Rica ...:)

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Thanks Luucy! :)