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Hong Kong to Beijing on a Shoestring

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1. Posted by John999181 (Full Member 41 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


A few year back, I spent a year in Australia, backingpacking, covering over 20,000 mile. I loved it, the whole experience, the meeting people, the backpacking community, it was great. I've since had a son and felt I couldn't spend time away from him as I would miss him like mad. Last year I came up with a 16 day challenge which would get me back out there travelling and seeing the world. I went coast to coast in the USA. It was amazing seeing the likes of New York, The Rockies, Washington, Vegas and LA.

This year I'm trying my luck in China.

I'm starting off in Hong Kong, finishing off in Beijing, the Theme, "Hong Kong to Beijing on a Shoe string"

I have a rough idea on where I want to visit in between.

Hong Kong, Yanshuo/Gullin, Shanghai, Xi-an, Tai-shan, Beijing.

Any other ideas of places I must see???

I'm after advice please in regards to recommended vacanations and visa requirements. I have books and info on this though like to find out from yourselves a bit about it too.

Also, is the language barrier much of a problem, along with not being able to read the writting. How about the Chinese peoples customs, what are they like.

The planning the trip is one of the highlights of the whole experience. I look forward to your replies



2. Posted by ellyse (Full Member 195 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Would advise getting out of Guilin ASAP and heading to Yangshuo. If you're coming from Hong Kong, take the train/bus to Guangzhou and then a direct bus to Yangshuo, no need to go through Guilin.
Why Taishan, any particular reason?
How long are you spending on this trip?
What are your sightseeing interests/preferences? There're too many destinations in China that I could recommend!
Language barrier: A Mandarin phrasebook (Rough Guide's Mandarin is recommended), a smile and a lot of patience goes a long way.
Let me know if you'd like to meet up in Shanghai, I'm studying here. :)

3. Posted by worldwideG (Respected Member 117 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey John, it all depends on what your interests are as to what to recommend. I've been in China for 2 months and not seen all there is to offer! It's huge and it can take a long time to travel from one place to another so you will need to plan your route very carefully to minimise time on travelling. I can offer the following advice on a route and if you want to message me i can tell you about hostels for your destinations. On a shoestring you may only want to spend 2 days in HK. Check out Victoria Peak and the art musuem is also good. Next to museum is star avenue which is pretty cool and statue of bruce lee. Skip Shanghai(sorry ellyse but he'll have to travel west in short time) and head to yangshou for couple of days which is beautiful but touristy in town. Amazing countryside for biking and bamboo rafting is sweet! You can take a bus to guilin then a train to kunming which takes about 20 hrs! You could stay in kunming for a day then go to either dali or lijiang by bus. I didn't stay in kunming but people say it's a cool city. I also missed dali and went straight from kunming to lijiang, don't think i missed too much there as people told me they're similar but dali is an older and less touristy town than lijiang. Stay in lijiang a day or so and take a bus to qiaotou which is the start of tigerleaping gorge. I'll have to leave it here for now as i'm off out to dinner with friends but i'll pick it back up later for you, pete ;)

4. Posted by gochina (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi, It's a very big topic since you'll almost go through the esat china. From Hongkong to Beijing, there are so many place valuable to see. I'll try to give you a clue:

Guangdong Prov.: Zhaoqing, a 2000 year old Town , with very beautiful mountain and lake, the most famous is Seven Star Rock.

Aroud Shanghai: cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Wuxi, towns like Wuzheng, Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Xitang, etc. These places have a life style typitcally different from Beijing.

Anhui Prov.: A little far from Shanghai. there you can see the most beautiful mountain in China, i.g. Huangshan Mountain. and on Huangshan area, there are many towns of 300-500 years old.


5. Posted by worldwideG (Respected Member 117 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Back again to continue! I'd recommend having a couple of days at tiger leaping gorge and heading up to Zongdhian. You could then go west to the mountains or head east to Chengdu. I'd spend a few days in Chengdu and check out Leshan and Emeishan. You can then catch a train or flight to Xian and check out the Terracotta Warriers and Huashan and then go to Beijing. So much to see in Beijing that you need at least 4 days there. Let me know if you want recomendations for hostels in any of those places. Some flights can be cheaper than trains and they will save you a lot of time if you only have 16 days in China. The Chinese are really friendly and helpful especially in the countryside. The toilets are pretty disgusting and people spit in the street all the time but you get used to it. If you can learn some mandarin before you go it will be invaluable and enhance your experience. Be prepared to barter hard for everything you buy. Let me know if I can be of anymore help and have a great time, pete