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1. Posted by Jmavro (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello i am currently traveling throught Europe and have decided to make budget for India.. My only problem is that i have no idea where to start.. I will probably be arriving in New Dehli... but from there is all a mystery.. I am going to be there for roughly 1 month (mid november to mid december)and i know i can not see nearly everything.. I will list a briefly what i am looking to do.. I am OPEN FOR ALL SUGGESTIONS of any wonderfull experiences that should not be missed while there.

MUST see the Taj Mahal

I would also love to possibly visit a monastary.
I would like to see the country side along with the wildlife
Possibly ride an elephant!
Visit some highly suggusted beaches in the south..

I currently am not traveling with winter clothing for very cold temperatures but can manage with what i have for short periods of time.. What is the temperature like around this time i will be there?

I appreaciate all suggustions.. Thank you!

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Hiii jmavro

Welcome 2 india..well, in 1 month u cant see much of india...if u r coming to delhi i suggest i see delhi-agra- n then head to himacal or ladkah to see da monastries...this will take around 7 days(delhi-agra-himachal)..then come down to mumbai then goa n down south to mysore and bandhipur to visti wildlife n ride elephant....

if u r in mumbai do attend one of there IM or CS meets..they have regular meet up where u can meet travelers from india n abroad n talk about travel stories n have a nice time...
if u r coming down south to bangalore we can meet up for coffee..maybe we could arrange a IM or CS meet(but the IM n cs community out here is pretty sad)....anyways, if u have any querries feel free to ask me..
i have left my bank job n started a tour and adventure travel co. in bangalore...if u want some packages or hotel bookings or some trekking or ayurvedic massages can get it done cheaper than u would normally pay....
if u r backpacking n have any queries u can ask me.

.tc..happy travelling

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If you have a month, I would say fly into Delhi and make your way down and fly out of Mumbai.
Many people do the golden triangle, jodhpur and then head west of Jodhpur to do a camel safari (sorry, I forgot the name of the town at the present moment... I'm supposed to be diligently listening in Torts). There's lots of places you can ride an elephant. I think you can even do it going up to the Pink Palace in Jaipur. Then they head down towards Udaipur, hit up the ajanta/ellora caves, hit Mumbai briefly, head down to Goa and spend relaxing time there at the the end of your stay in India. I did the reverse, but my friends did it this way and they loved it. If you really want to stay south, I would recommend going to Mysore, Ooty and Hampi (though getting to Hampi from Goa is a bit tricky - you might end up taking the local local bus there which is an adventure in itself).
Agra you only need a night for. Really, its not the most exciting place to be other than for the Taj Mahal and Red Fort (but once you've seen one red fort, you've seen them all... honestly), and I had to go back because the day I went there it was closed but had to continue on my travels. It can get a bit aggrevating dealing with people who chase you because you're a tourist (I know this is everywhere, but I found it especially aggrevating in Agra. We had a rickshaw driver who refused to drive us because we wouldn't go to the specified bank he wanted us to go to).

Keep in mind you'll probably be travelling by train and you'll want to take about a day for travel between each place (with the exception of the golden triangle).

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Based on the things you want to see, I can suggest two options. One with a good monastery visit and the other without. Both of them will involve a bit of rushing, but as someone already said one month is not much to see India.


Leg one: Fly from Delhi to Bagdogra and head to Gangtok in Sikkim. Sikkim has the best Tibetan Buddhist monasteries that you can see anywhere outside Tibet, including Rumtek(one of the largest in the world) and Pemayangtse which is equally famous. Sikkim also has famed natural beauty and some great views of the Himalayas which can be an added bonus.4 to 6 day.

Leg two: Head to Varanasi from Sikkim. For this you need to take a train from Siliguri. Varanasi is another must see place for travellers and needs little introductions. Spend 2-4 days here.

Leg 3: Take the train to Agra and visit Taj. Also see Agra fort and Fatepur Sikri. 2 days.

Leg 4: Go to Corbett National Park. Take an elephant ride. See the tigers if you are lucky, and see one of the most beautiful and enchanting forest landscapes that India can offer. 3-5 days.

Leg 5: Return to Delhi and fly to Goa to enjoy the beaches and the parties. 7 days.

You will spend 3-4 days travelling from place to place in the above itinerary, which should exhaust your one month quota.

PLAN TWO: Skip Sikkim and include Rajasthan(Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer) instead. You could skip Varanasi too. You might still manage to take a peek into some monastery in Delhi or Himachal but you will miss the best ones. But Sikkim is way off the mark from rest of the places, so you may consider skipping it.

I personally favor the first plan. It really takes you to the most exciting places that India can offer a tourist.

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Hi jmavro,

Visiting India and not going to ladakh would be a big mistake, you said you are interested in monastries, there are monastries in ladakh.
One problem you have is not carrying winter clothes.But you can buy some cheap ones from here.

I would suggest you to

i)leave for leh via manali(rohtang pass) or via jammu.Rohtang pass is one of the highest motorable passes in the world.

ii) come back to delhi and visit Taj Mahal(agra).

iii) Then go yo corbett national park.You can enjoy a safari on elephent there,

iv) If you are looking fot some best beaches in india IT HAS TO BE Goa.Spend atleast a week here.Or you can go to anadaman islands too.

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What is the IM community - by cS - u mean couch surfers?

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hi there
if you are looking for camel safari new destination Osian is good option for desert villages and local people +wild life.