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11. Posted by MazDev (Budding Member 52 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Make it to a game. And use the phrases actually the Asian uses.

Start with 60% of the price. For sure the people will be shocked. Anyway, while the retailer offers you now only 5% off you will go up with 5%. The retailer most likely goes down to 10% or 20% and will tell you that he can't go deeper. Now worries, offer him 1% more. Make it a little bit exciting. And 1% is something nobody ever expected. The retailer might go down more.

Tell him a story, example:

My Holidays are already over and I'm total broke, but you really want to bring something back for your old Grandmother or anything. And ask him for help, as you really need to buy this but actually can't afford it. Make it a little funny.

If the retailer still don't want to give you the last price you offered, walk off. To 99% they call you back and offer you are price near your offer. Don't accept it, give your last offer again and walk off. If they call you back you will get your price and by 99% they call you.

On this way I was able getting items offered for 100 for 45 or 50

12. Posted by audblsmile (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Bargaining is great fun once you get into it. After reading through the previous posts, I have a few more things to add...
Friends of mine who have lived in Asia for over 20 years (I've only been living here 4)recommend starting at about 30-40% of the given price. As others have said, you will be met with the greatest looks of shock you've ever seen. But realize that there is a definite "skin tax" - prices start ridiculously high for foreigners. If you start to walk away and you are not re-quoted, then you know you've gone too low. Price items at a few places first - you'll be surprised at the variations in asking prices that you'll get. I once was pricing something in Thailand and had quotes from 80 - 650 baht! Being the first sale of the day is good luck to many vendors and you might get the best deal starting earlier in the day. Have a good time while shopping, and remember, even if you don't get the "local" price, you've just made someone's day and allowed for a good meal for their family for the night

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