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Ok, so I just decided to quit school at the end of the semester, work my ass off to pay off my credit card debts and then save up for a plane ticket and some money to start off on to go to Oz for a year to join up with some of my mates who are already there. Im American and would like any advice from other Americans who have been there on working holiday visas. How much did you pay for flights? how much money did you bring to start off on? where did you work? live? all that good stuff.

I know its going to be at least 8-12 months before I can get the money together to get there so i got plenty of time to plan.

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well, you're asking pretty general questions here--if you look at past threads, you will probably see answers to most of your questions. flight prices depend on where you're flying from and who you travel with. you sound young and still in school so you could easily book a cheaper flight through STA travel. in terms of getting your work visa, BUNAC is a popular company that sponsors you as does CCUSA. i'm actually going to new zealand via CCUSA in a couple of weeks but i know many people who have traveled to australia through BUNAC. money wise, it will depend on the program you choose. when you are doing a work visa program they want to know that you have something in the bank or credit available. and i'm sure you'll hear different things but after buying your plane tickets and everything, you should have at least a couple of thousand available to you. work-wise, you have to be open-minded. i've heard horror stories of fruit picking but also good stories. my friends worked for a greenpeace-type organization and solicited people in the street for donations. bartending/waitressing experience is a plus as is any office experience. most people i know that worked in oz lived in dorm situations in hostels or rented rooms. i guess it depends how long you plan to stay where.

anyway, you have some time before you go so i hope at least this gave you some info for a start. definitely check out BUNAC or CCUSA (they're online) and definitely save save save! start looking up flights to get an idea about how much you'll have to spend. oh and in terms of credit card debt, consolidate your debt and transfer it to a card that gives you 0% APR so you're not paying finance charges!

good luck!!!!